Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 20, 1972 at 12:40 pm


“This Miracle is to draw man up from the depths of despair to the heights of Sainthood.  This Miracle is to give man a Strength to cling to, and yes, a Light to live by.  This Miracle is to show man God’s Generosity, God’s Love, God’s Truth, God’s Great Way.  This Miracle has been put forth upon the earth to give mankind All the Things that will make him a beloved Saint.

As you are present in this place, in this dwelling, with this child, Heaven watches, Heaven listens, and Heaven waits for each of you to be a Saint.  Man uses the time on earth in many ways, some foolish, and sometimes in ways worthwhile.  Man does not realize the value of time, for sometimes man just fritters it away.  Heaven is alert to man’s words, man’s way, and the meaning that man puts on many things, and that is why so many times the Words We say sound familiar to man in a human way.

Children all over the world must know of This Great Miracle.  The Beautiful Hill of Hope is to give mankind hope.  Man cannot see this Hill as it truly must be, for man’s design would be different.  Man would look for a commercial view and forget the purpose of the Hill is to save man’s Soul.

There are many men in the world now who never think of their Soul.  They think only of material way and how they grow in other men’s eyes each day.  This Beloved Miracle has been put in a natural setting, but to show man that God, in a simple way, is Profound in all things.

My children, I, Saint Joseph, speak through this child from a Realm you cannot know and in a manner you cannot describe. This child is an instrument for The Holy Trinity and All Things that come through her are Worthwhile.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say: ‘Do not waste time each day.  Use the time that God does give to you to nourish the Soul, to help It grow, and use the time in the world not just for material gain, but to give other men example of God’s Way.’  So be it.”