Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 30, 1972 at 3:25 pm



Let me tell you what I see. I am more aware of the canyon that I am being shown than the surrounding area. The canyon is deep, and there is a path all around the top of the canyon, and it’s right on the edge. In fact, the path is about this wide, and in some places the soil is very weak, which makes the path about this wide.

Our Lord is standing, not on the path, but I would say about a hundred yards from the path. Suddenly, there are children of all ages appearing on the path. Our Lord is Radiant. He’s glowing. And some of the children are looking to the Glow and some are not. Some are looking below. Those looking below seem to have no fear, even the ones standing on the narrowest part of the path.

Suddenly Our Lord is beckoning for them to come close to Him, to come near, and those who see the Glow, walk, and some who see the Glow do not; they turn around and stare into the abyss below.

Our Lord is beginning to teach. And it seems like the more children that walk toward Him, the more room there is for more to come. The area seems to grow. He is standing in their midst, and the Glow of His garment, the Glow from His Whole Being, if it were given in fullness, it would blind me; but in His Love, He shields me from the fullness that it is.

He beckons again. Some see Him, some don’t. Some don’t care. And some are going forward, but yet there’s still a great amount standing on the ledge. He’s not acting concerned, but the ground around Him seems to be growing, and yet it doesn’t appear as such. Some are still standing on that edge. In our human way, we would be frightened and we would shout it, scream, “Watch out!” Oh my! He says:


“My sons and My daughters, I speak not only to those who surround Me but to those who stand on the brink of Hell, on the ledge of danger, on the path to nowhere. I have beckoned you more times than it shows here, and yet some still cling to the danger, some still stand close to the abyss of Hell. As it was said, My children, I allow your will to make the decision to come Here and be safe, to be guided by Me, and yet you choose the danger of the abyss, knowing it will draw you from Me.

The Glow that I have surrounding Me is the Glory of Heaven. The danger of the pit is the despair of Hell. And yet you do not see the advantages of the Glow. You take chances with the will that was given to you the moment you were given life. My children, is it not sad that you do not reason the Protection of the Light, that you do not see the Beauty It is, and that It is Me? So oftentimes children blind themselves, for they measure things wrong, they weigh all things to agree with themselves.

I speak through this child. I hold her tightly, and through her I pass on to you a Message that you must not accept lightly. The Message is Truth. The Message is Love. The Message is to draw you Above.

Children sometimes kneel and they say, ‘God, use me,’ and when the time comes, and they are beckoned, they do not answer the call. Sometimes it is stubbornness, sometimes it is weakness. Sometimes the child does not want to be humble, to follow the path, to answer the call. To reach Sainthood takes humility above all; obedience, yes; trust is a must, self-discipline is involved in all.

Today, through This Message, difficult for some to believe that I would speak in such a manner, I say now: ‘Remember the thieves. The one who accepted the beckoning that day is now Here in Heaven because he learned to pray. The other one, My children, took the abyss. What will you do? Will you answer My Light, or will you stand on the path taking a chance?’

I bless you with Love. I bless you with Truth. I bless you with My Heart that I gave for you. So be it.”