Saint Bernard

c. 1090 - 1153

Saint Bernard

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 20, 1972 at 10:54 am


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bernard. This is unusual to you that Heaven is so ready to speak so quickly, to give you Words.

I say to you now from a Realm you do not know, you have only heard of: ‘There are so many children falling into despair because they are not understanding the Beauty that is Here. Now, in the world, The Beloved Joseph comes as Saint, in Power, with Love, to give Words of Hope to all children to come Above.’

At no time did The Son of God carry a book with Him. And again, through this time in which you live, this child carries no book, for the Words are direct through her, for you see, it is as it was then, Wisdom is being taught, not just knowledge. When man seeks knowledge he goes to the books, for he says, ‘I must learn what other men have written.’ And now on this day I say to you: ‘Accept the Truth in These Words. Accept the Wisdom for It will guide you. Accept the Understanding that comes through this child for you.’

I bless you with God’s Love. I bless you with Hope and I say, ‘Oh, My children, walk the wisdom way.’ So be it.”