Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 26, 1973 at 5:46 pm


“So often, when this child speaks in a light manner, you think it is she who is saying the Words to you, and We Here in the Heavens smile at this and say, ‘Not so,’ for you see, to come Here to Heaven, you work. It is different than when you are upon the earth, but the service Here is totally for The Holy Trinity and to help other Souls reach Here. Also, work Here in the Heavens is of such a manner that children in the physical way do not see You, but they are helped. So when you pray, remember this: Your prayers are heard by God first, and then One of Us, for I, Saint Anne, smile through this child to you and say, ‘A Heavenly Grandmother’s Love never goes away.’

I love you in many ways. Do not forget, My Daughter is The Heavenly Queen and I am The Heavenly Grandmother. You are My earthly children and I have no intention of letting go of any of you. I watch over you more than you know. I watch you when you are in trouble, when you are in sin. So many children feel when they sin there is no one around, but I say to you today, ‘Sometimes I am there.’ And sometimes, when I reach My hand out to say, ‘Stop, think of The Holy Trinity, think of The Heavenly Mother,’ you do not hear, for you have not been prepared in this manner. But, so often when I do this, I try so hard to make you stop, for you see, I know that if you go on, reparation will have to be made for that sin, and I, as your Heavenly Grandmother, want you to come directly Here to Him. Know this. It is My Love.

Children have forgotten about My way. Some have cast Me aside. This is fine as long as you pray; of course, to Him first, and then to The Heavenly Mother Who stands ready to listen, ready to help, eager for your Soul to glow.

And then I stand and say, ‘Mother,’ to Her, ‘Daughter, let Me help the child today.’ So oftentimes this happens and you have not heard the words, but I ask you on this day: ‘Keep in mind you have a Heavenly Father, oh yes, Divine. You have a Heavenly Mother, a Queen, and then you have Me, your Heavenly Grandmother, to watch over you and see that you come Here.’ And do not forget, only a grandmother hands a cookie to a child when the mother says, ‘Don’t, she won’t eat.’ So be it.”