The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 14, 1973 at 8:46 pm


“The Lessons taught tonight, My beloved children, are quite simple, quite light, but Each One has a Point of View, a Direction and a Chance for you.  If I were to come to the earth with magnificent words, words you could not understand, examples you could not comprehend, what good would it do for you?  There are so many men of great knowledge who are willing to expound on words that no one can understand.  It is only satisfaction to the personal, human man; but through This Great Miracle, I extend to you the Love of The Father and The Heart I gave for you.

‘How many things,’ I ask you on this night, ‘do you believe in?’ Do you believe in yourself?  Do you believe in those you love?  Do you believe in Faith?  Do you believe in prayer?  Do you believe in The Commandments?  Do you believe in the Magnitude of What I gave:  The Holy Eucharist?  Do you believe in the beauty of vocation?  Do you believe in sacrifice?  Do you believe in penance?  Do you believe in obedience?

Do you believe that you have a will?  Do you believe that you have the Gift of Faith?  Do you believe in the privilege of the human way?  Do you believe that to be active for The Holy Trinity is Grace-giving?  Do you believe that there is a Heaven, Hell and a Purgatory?  Do you believe in Faith, Hope and Charity?

Do you believe in the enemy of The Father?  Do you believe in the Angels?  Do you believe that the world was made with the universe completely in perfect balance?  Do you believe that lettering was given to you so you could form words, so you could understand what things are all about?

Do you believe that I was born in a stable?  Do you believe that My Parents, in the physical way, were chosen especially for a Purpose?  Do you believe the Beauty of purity?  Do you believe in piety?  Do you believe in The Divine?

I ask you these questions, My little ones, for you see, Christianity is Important to Me.

Many men do not understand that those who crucified Me were barbaric in many ways, and yet in their own thinking, they were strong, virile, and yes, intelligent human beings.  I wonder if I had asked them the same questions that I have asked you on this night, how many of them could answer correctly?  I wonder how many of them would answer right?

I come through a woman on this night, a woman in the term that Heaven uses men.  I come through her with speech and I say, ‘All the questions given to you tonight can be answered easily,’ and I would say, ‘one way.’ And I, The Sacred Heart, hold this child deeply, and through her, as The Beloved Saint did, now I will give you the answer to the questions I asked.

Say each day, ‘In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost.’ This Sign says more than you can imagine.  This says that you believe in The Holy Trinity.  This says you have Faith.  This says that you believe in the Higher Divine Way, Supremacy, and this says that you recognize the need for obedience, purity, humility, prayer, sacrifice, penance, The Holy Eucharist.  Oh, My children, keep it there.  Let not one day go by without the walking to Me, for I am always there.  You need It much, for through It, in It, with It, you will become strengthened, you will have the Grace to one day share the Beauty of Heaven, Here.

I burn the child’s eyes, and now I show her a Vision:  My Heart.  I burn her eyes first, and then cool them with the water of human way so she can withstand the Light of the Rays.

You have learned much on this night.  You have learned to question yourself a beautiful way.  I know your answers.

I show the child a Glorified Heart to give her the strength to fight.  No coward can walk for Me, for the mound of soil I have chosen is to one day radiate with life, light, hope, love, mercy, justice, and yes, My Way. This child has been abused by lies, mockery, torture, to accomplish My Will.

I, The Sacred Heart, send the Rays of My Heart to you, but I give you the privilege of accepting the Rays or refusing Them.  What do you intend to do?  The Hill of Hope, named after a Son Who was My earthly Father, must be accomplished according to My Will.  I want all buildings to be placed where I request them to be placed, and I want hope to be instilled.  I want men to do My Will and I want love to show.

I am The Sacred Heart.  My Heart now can be pictured glowing like the glistening snow.  I bless you with the tears of this child that shed in the many Gethsemanes she endures.  I bless you with the Ray of My Heart, and I bless you with the Light of My Will.  So be it.”