Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 26, 1974


“My beloved children, I am truly Saint Joseph. This child who stands in My shoes, in My sandals, is a Love of Mine. She is God’s Love for all of mankind. She has been sent to the world to give to the world My Way. She shouts out ‘Justice’; it is I Who speaks. She shouts out ‘Purity’; it is I Who speaks. She shouts out ‘Self-discipline’; All of Heaven speaks. She shouts so many things and it is We Here in the Heavens Who use her whole being to give to the world What God Decrees.

The child, yes, suffers poverty, and I say to you now, ‘The Father, The Creator of all mankind is suffering much today, for you see, He is suffering the beauty of humility.’ What is humility? He is showing it through Example to all mankind. He is bending down to the level of man, through Words, to teach The Divine.

Some children frown when they hear of a Miracle. Some children laugh, some children sigh, some children shout with glee, some children even flee because they do not want to be held in Its grasp. I say to you now, ‘This Miracle of Mine will last.’ It is The Father’s Will, It is His Way, and He says to the world in your day: ‘Come to Me through Another Son. I teach The Only Way.’

It is truly I, Saint Joseph, Who speaks, and I say to you now, ‘Do not be so concerned with where you are weak, but rid yourself of the weakness you have.’ Walk the path in direction to Him and bear in mind that the path you must take is a path of the human role. Take it for your Soul’s sake. Take your time, take your talents, take your Faith, take your love, take your hope, combine it, and walk for The Above. Be true to yourself, for through this you will be true to Him. Be aware of what you truly are and look to Him.

Don’t walk in smugness. Don’t walk in such a way that you feel you are the only answer to the world in an academic way, for keep in mind, wisdom came first to mankind; the pyramids were built that way, and if you go there now and look, you will find that the wisdom of the pyramids is yet to be seen by the world. Men were taught the beauty of wisdom, how it should be done. They did not read books but they did it according to the sun. So bear in mind, My children, that wisdom must come first; knowledge is but man’s way.

You are Loved so. Take what you are, take who you are and offer it each day to The Father, to The Son and to The Holy Ghost, for when you do, you can be assured He will return the Love to you firsthand. Do not be afraid of Him. He created you. He was The One Who made the seeds. He was The One Who created the will. He was The One Who gave you a Soul, and He was The One Who implanted in you, around you, the Angel to guard you until you returned to Him.

You are Loved in a special way. You are drawn to Him Above or you would not have come this way. Would you please, My little ones, be aware that the path you take, choose, follow, walk, is the one that will take you right Here?

I bless you from the Heavens, not in a priestly way, but in the Way of The Father: first, in His Name, then through His Heart, and then through The Light of which He says, ‘You must always be a Part.’

I hold the child deeply, deeper than you know, for the Power that pours through her is God’s Alone, and I use her to extend to you His Hand to the Throne.

The Cross The Son bore for you, if I had been upon the earth, I would not have allowed; because, you see, there are so many children here in the room who sin promiscuously.

I hold her deeper, and as I do, the Power is so Great in the physical for you. The child, in reality, wants to be with Me alone. I push her back to you for The Miracle that bears My Name is to draw you to His Throne. Another wants to speak. I burn her eyes with His Love and before her a Vision does unfold.”