Saint Joan of Arc

c. 1412 - 1431

Saint Joan of Arc

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 27, 1974 at 11:12 am


“I, Joan of Arc, walked a physical role, and there were some men who walked with me, who fought alongside of me, who you do not know, for you see, their name was not prominent; it was only I who was prominent at that time.

There are many children in the world now who are seeking acclaim and they do not care how they gather it, only that other people get to know their name. And I, Joan of Arc, come through this child today and say, ‘Best you not be known in the world and you walk totally God’s Way, for the time in the world now is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and The Father will have to stop what is occurring for it is drawing Souls down to the pits of Hell.’ There is a Hell, My children, there is a Purgatory, and there definitely is a Heavenly Place.

This child stands in a Grace, the Grace of receiving Who We are. We, when we walked the earth, fought, not for acclaim, but for a Personal One that we could not see, we could not feel, nor did He pay any special attention to us. It was not that way. When you walk for God, men sometimes hate you. When you walk for God, men disagree with you. When you walk for God, men try to dismiss you. When you walk for God, few men want to walk with you. Bear that in mind.

But We, Here in the Heavens, say that those who truly walk for The Divine are not lonely because He will be close to them, within them, and always hold their hand, for this is what the child depends upon when he walks in the human role for Him.

And so, through this child, This Great Miracle has come to the world, not for acclaim, but to give to the world the Truth that The Divine Is, and to give to the world the Direction to The Divine, for you see, the Power that is around this child is of The Holy Trinity; not of her making, but to give to the world the Strength that the world needs.

Oh, My children, you stand in the way of man now, but you must learn to be warriors for Him, for the greatest battle in the world has begun and you will have to take sides soon, for satan is pushing and pushing and pushing to draw men down to him, and The Father has always allowed your will to make the decision. So, through This Great Miracle, you have been taught that you have the will to decide to walk with Him or to walk away from Him, to follow the Truth or to dismiss the Truth, to see the Beauty in The Commandments, or act as though you cannot see Them.

And do not forget, All of Heaven writes down in a book, not visual to you but visible to Him, your acts of purity, your acts of love, your acts of charity and your desire in hope, and do not forget, the book will remain Here waiting for you, for it will be the book by which you will be Judged for All Eternity.

I truly am Joan, and I say to those who are lazy, I say to those who are weak, and I say to those who feel time is precious, ‘Do not forget, the time you have was given to you by Him.’ So be it.”