Saint Anthony Mary Claret

1807 - 1870

Saint Anthony Mary Claret

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 27, 1974 at 11:25 am


“When you receive The Holy Eucharist, and I, Saint Anthony Mary Claret say, ‘To receive This is Special in every way, for as It enters your physical, the strength you gain, the strength you hold, is truly God-given in every way, for It is Part of Him that enters you, in a different way.’ The Particle of this Great Gift, this Great Sacrament, is Special, and men must know this.

Children must begin to see, children must begin to understand that this Sacrament was given to the whole world and It is being misused by man, abused by man, and yes, diminished. It must be raised to where It is, to the Highest Place in the world, for men must begin to honor It, revere It, and yes, adore It, for It is truly He Who stands in this small Particle for each of thee. Hold It in your breast and as you have Him there, say:

‘God, help me to walk in purity each day. God, help me to know what I must do, what I must say to help others walk Your Way. Dear God, help me to become so pure that my time of reparation is short before I enter the Kingdom with You.’

For you see, My children, All Things that enter the Kingdom of Heaven must be purified before they see the Face of Him.

Children must be taught the Sacraments are important. Penance is important, for through penance there is reparation and reparation is a cleansing factor to Him. And do not forget, the Water also cleanses.

Oh, My children, do not ignore the Sacraments and do not ignore the Sacramentals, for through Them you grow in strength. Through the Sacramentals you become stronger in His Way, for it is as this: talking to a Saint to intercede to gain strength, so the Saint will go to Him.

Oh, My beloved children, never be ashamed of loving Him and never be ashamed of being humble before Him, for do not forget, The Son walked in great humility and it was in the form of man. So, men who feel they should not be seen praying, they should not be seen loving, they should not be seen accepting Truth, bear in mind, the Greatest Truth in the world was shown by The Son of God through the walking to Calvary, the beatings He took, and the Crucifixion in where, wherein, yes, and without the love of human touch.

Oh, My children, when The Beloved Heavenly Mother stood at the foot of that Cross, She shouted to The Higher One and said, ‘Can You not help?’ And He said: ‘All reparation must be made. Children must see it firsthand and it must be passed down through men, that reparation is necessary for My Plan. I have sent Part of Me to the world, and through Your Tears, My Heavenly One, they will see it is not shame when You shed tears, but humility.’ So be it.”