Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 1, 1974 at 2:09 pm



There is a waterfall, a small body of water beneath it, and there is a Woman. It’s Our Lady and She’s glowing, and She’s standing at the foot of the waterfall. The water is splashing up around Her Feet as it drops, but it does not touch Her. Nothing can touch Her. She’s in a glowing white. The mantle is glowing and She’s All Perfection, All Purity. I hear the sound of the water, I feel the wind of the water, but I do not feel the water.

Our Lady is smiling. I would say She is about five-two — She’s smiling — three. Her Hands, She has three roses in this one and She holds them up like this, and She extends it out; it’s Her left Hand, and then, in this Hand She has the world, and She holds it out. Now the roses are turning color, and the roses are turning from red to pink, to white, to gold.


“My beloved children, as the colors changed in the roses I carry, so can the world change from the horrible state it is in, to a pure state I desire it to be in. I use a child such as you, a child whose heart, will and physical is more of Here than of your place. I use one through whom only love for Grace is taught.

Oh, My children, I love you so. The tears I shed are as the waterfall. They fall upon the earth to help purify it. My Tears are in the child’s eyes and as they are, I say to you, ‘There are so many children in the world who do not understand His Love, His Hope for every man.’

I stand in this child to give to you what The Father Wills of each of you; a Victim Soul, an instrument of Him, a puppet that walks to the pull of the strings. The Light that shines on This Place is silver in tone, but in reality, it is Grace. The child always stands in a Light of Love, but the Light that surrounds her is Heaven’s Above. The world is lighted by This Great Miracle, the Light of Hope. This child stands in a Light given by Heaven.

Remember the waterfall, remember the roses, remember the Message, and remember the Beads that I love so much, for through Them the Light will change the way of your life from a deep color to the golden touch. Do not forget that to love Him with all of your being is what you were created for; to serve Him with all you are is what He Wills.

I bless you from Heaven Where I am, and I say, ‘Never be afraid to walk totally for Him, even if men call you a fool.’ I love you and I want you to stand in such purity that nothing of His enemy can touch you. The Light is of a different way, the Light is the Light of Hope. So be it.”