Saint Junipero Serra

1713 - 1784

Saint Junipero Serra

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 5, 1975 at 8:32 pm


“My beloved children, I am Junipero Serra. I have come oftentimes through this child. I come tonight in a very definite role.

Children accept the missions wholeheartedly and with all the love that any man could have for The Divine. Many of the missions in the world are being taken over by men who do not remember the challenges of My time. They are now so wrapped up in the times in which they call ‘modern thinking, modern way’, but I say Here from The Divine, that men better understand that God has not changed, only man; and so many things must be returned to; and that is, to honor The Father Who is Divine, to revere all things that He sent to the earth for men to better understand the Way He had planned for them to walk, in the way of man, to one day come Here to The Divine.

The sadnesses I saw in My time were different than the ones you have, but in reality, there were many similarities. And now I say: ‘When men are poor, it is best that they learn to love and to serve. When men are wealthy, in many ways it is best that they, too, learn to conserve and yet serve.’ So many children do not understand the beauty of challenge, the beauty of obstacle, and the beauty of time.

I say to you now, ‘Men should be taught, men should learn, men should begin to understand that time is a Gift from The Divine.’ Every moment of the day should be a happy time, for you must remember, it gives you time to serve The Divine.

Bear in mind, when you awaken on the morrow, keep this one Line in mind: ‘Time will give you the way, the means and the manner to serve The Divine.’ If you do not feel well, offer it, but serve with it, in it, through it, and yes, use it to the best advantage you can. If, mentally, you are low, say, ‘God, help me grow in Your Way alone.’

I, Junipero Serra say, ‘To have the Title “Saint” is not important when you stand in the Light of God’s Way, but to children upon the earth, they say “Saint”, and then they feel the direct connection with God in every way.’

So, I leave This Message with you today: Would it not be wise for you to strive, through time, and become a Saint for All Time? So be it.”