God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 24, 1975 at 5:15 pm


“My beloved children, I am God The Father. I am The Creator. I am The Mystery of Life, I am The Mystery of Hope, I am The Mystery of Light. I come through this child in an open way. I come to deliver to the world what I know I want the world to have, and what I see the world needs. It is not the earth, at this time, that I am concerned about, but the children who stand upon the earth, through which I send to the world Love, My Way, and for which I send to the world a Great Miracle in your day.

I have been known to come in time of need. I have been known to strike out The Commandments, The Rules I expect children to heed. I have been known to hand children tests of love, firsthand. I have been known to give to the world Love, through My Hands. I have been known to extend to all men, My Way, My Means and My Manner.

Through this child, I give to the world firsthand, My Love, My Charity, My Mercy, My Hope, My Light, My Truths, My Wisdom, My Direction, and yes, I tell the world they must understand, they must know that I am The Father, I am The Mystery, I am The Creator, I am The Blest, I am The Holy, I am The Beginning and I am The End. I Am All Things, and All Things I Am could be compared to the facets of a gem: one facet, a brighter light, a higher glory; another facet, a little dimmer, but still important to the whole of the gem.

Oh, My children, I come through a child who has given her physical life, her mental being, her mental way, her Spiritual, to Whom I Am, to What I Am, and yes, to All Things I stand for. I want the world to see This Message, and many in the world to hear This Message, for in It, I am giving firsthand, What I Will for man.

First, I want men to see the Value of The Rules I have given. I want men to see the beauty and the necessity of prayer. I want men to hold close to them, the necessity and the privilege of human life. I want men to understand, in a logical manner, what it is to be man; where men must search, reach, follow, and cling to.

I want men to beseech Me, to pray to Me, to beckon Me. I want men to implore Me to answer their prayers. I want men throughout the world to know that it is I, The Father; I, The Creator; I, The King. I Am All Things, and yet, I am a Mystery to all mankind.

I want men to feel My Charity. I want men to know My Judgment. I want men to seek out the Love I have for them. I want men to feel My Power, to know My Strength and to desire My Love.

I want men, not to be critical, but to bend to Whom I Am. I want men, not to constantly use physical knowledge, but seek the Wisdom in What I have said, What I have done, What I have promoted in the world, and What I have given them in truth. I want men, not to rationalize, not to justify their way, but to seek out the Values of the Truths I have given.

I want mankind to seek a beauty for their Souls, to understand that the will that they have is to make them stronger in My Way, to give them hope, and to one day sanctify their Souls.

I am truly The Father. I use an instrument of the smallest means, a child who has said to Me, ‘Thy Will, my God, not mine’; the child whom I send to retreat, not for self, but so that the scope is broadened, the discernment deepened, the love brightened, by the Wisdom of My Way. I am The Father of All Things. I am The Creator of All Things, and All Things are of Me.

Through My Desire, My Will, I created a Church, a place, a means and a manner, and I took the Grace of My Way, the Beauty, the Purity, to make It the Vessel to begin what I knew men would need. I sent forth upon the earth through This Vessel, oh, My children, The Child, Who men took for granted, was The One Who instituted the Church. I gave to the world Another Son of Me, and This Son was The Protector of The Vessel and The One Who instituted the means and the manner through which men could come to Me.

Men say, ‘Is It a symbol?’ And I say to mankind, ‘A symbol has its place, but anything that would come from Me with such a Magnitude of Degree, would have to be consummated in a manner and a way to make it Formal, Official, for all men to see the Strength of It, the Magnitude of It, the Perfection of It, the Glory of It, the Beauty of It and the Love in It.’ The Vessel came to the earth, and The One Who instituted My beloved Church came from The Vessel, and I sent forth, before this occurred, The One Who would protect all things.

I come to the world again, and it is The Protector, This Time, that I put firsthand and I send forth in an open way to the world; for, now again, once again, this beloved Church named after The Heavenly Queen, begun by Her, instituted by The Son, protected by The One I am sending (Saint Joseph)1 is now, once again, protecting what once occurred. Oh, My children in the world, can you not see the Magnitude of This Great Miracle? It takes courage to stand for Me.

I want all men to know that the beloved Holy Mother Church is My Will, My Design, and men are destroying what It stood for, what It stands for, what It is, and men must stop and look at what they are doing. Is it selfishness? Is it self-acclaim? Men must look into their own hearts, their own wills, and men must see the magnitude of this place, this structure, the permanency. Men must feel My Hand. Men must feel the Beat of My Heart, and men must know that It is not a symbol, the Sacrifice. It was formalized by The Son of Me. It was consummated in the Formal Way.

I beseech mankind to see the Magnitude of The Divine and stop trying to relate all things of ugliness and sinful manner to Whom I Am, What I Am. You say, ‘But You are All Things.’ And I say to you, ‘I am All Good.’ It is the evil one who makes you feel that you are doing the right thing, and I say to you: ‘He is jealous of man. He is jealous of this beloved Church.’

I gave to the world a place, I gave to the world the unity, and I gave to the world what men would say is ‘universal’. I used men with words they could understand, not with words they could not understand. How else would they have understood Me? I have given men translation. I have given men the perfect form. Then why do men ignore Whom I Am?

I say to you now from the Heavens Where I am: ‘Men must know that This Great Miracle that bears the Name of The Protector of the Church, before the Church had been sent to the world, is now once again coming to the Church, to the world, to protect what was begun a long time ago. And, I want the world to know His Name. I want the world to know that they must show Him Acclaim, for He is The Instrument of Love, He is The Instrument of Hope, He is The Instrument of Stability, Purity, Chastity, and yes, Work.’

I worked when I designed the world. I worked to promote the areas that would be the best for mankind. I worked. The word ‘work’ has been a derivative for men to understand what work is all about. They had to have a word they could understand. The word ‘work’ truly is connected with the word ‘creation’, for to create, you must use what you are, what you have; you must use all the things that depict the talents, the motion, the action, the love, the hope, the purpose, and yes, I worked to create all things.

I bless you in My Name and I bless you with My Heart, and I bless you with The Light and I say, ‘The Words I have spoken are for you to hear, for you to understand.’ I created the Church. The Beloved Heavenly Queen was The Vessel to allow It to be seen, and The Son of Mine, and Hers, instituted It in the world; and The Quiet One, The Humble One, has always been The Protector of It, for you see, It began with My Holy Word. So be it.”

1 (Saint Joseph) added to clarify.