God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 5, 1975 at 8:40 pm


“My beloved children, I have put a child through, not a new pace for her, not a new task for her, but one through which, in which, I have touched many Souls, and I have desired men to desire more. I am truly your Father. I am truly your Creator and I must be your love.

Men say, why would I speak through a woman? Men say, why would I have chosen this one? I have My Own Reasons, and I say to you on this day, ‘Where you are is one of great privilege for you, for if I wanted, I could attract the whole world in one moment, gather Souls, gather children, but then the children would feel that I had to keep doing these things because they would walk away and always want the phenomena of their choice, not how I deemed it to be for the good of their Souls.’ Do you understand, My children, what I say? Yes or no?

So many times, I have exposed this child to great numbers of children, and in placing her on a tightrope for Me, I have given much Light of Wisdom to the children. Men are shouting at Me: ‘I love You. Have You forgotten me?’ I whisper through This Great Miracle, ‘I have not forgotten one child that I have created through My Power, My Means.’ But I ask all children, through This Great Miracle, to listen to the Wisdom, to follow the Wisdom and to seek Me.

I give to the world a Saint, Highest Here in the Heavens, but Named thusly so men would begin to relate to the privilege of the human role and the Magnitude of being a Saint. You truly stand in a privileged way; you truly are Loved, My Way.

I have sent this child forth to the world, in pain, with burden, to give Hope, to extend Light, and many times she has been abused, blasphemed by men who walk in ego, pride, and refuse to accept peace and tranquility. If I took the form of a man and I knocked on your door and I said, ‘I created you, may I come in?’ most of you would say, ‘I don’t believe You.’ So, knowing this and understanding this, I have sent to the world a Miracle, someone to stand for Me, bearing the Name of a Saint Who is Part of Me, for do not forget, I Am All Things.

Men say, ‘The Beloved One, Saint Joseph, cannot be of The Divine.’ He is of Me. He is a Facet of Me. He is a Facet of My Way. I Am All Things. Do not forget that to knock on your door, I would have had to walk up to each door, individually. So, in giving to the world the Wisdom, through one child I reach thousands instantly. There is no reason why you cannot believe how I would work. If you find one, say to yourself, ‘Why wouldn’t it work?’

Oh, My children, there is much burden to walking for Me, much suffering, for when I sent Part of Me to the world, the task was Great, for I said to Him, ‘I want a Church.’ He bowed His Head and said, ‘Thy Will, My Father, let it be.’ So I sent to the world a Man to begin My Plan. His Name was ‘Joseph’. And then, of course, in the natural form of things, a Woman had to follow so men would not see phenomena, but see the Beauty of How I Am. And then, of course, through the natural way, according to how men knew others to be born, Another Son of Mine came to the world to hand to all of mankind My beloved Church.

I gave a Church for many reasons. I wanted men to be able to have a place to go to, to hear the correct things. I wanted men to have a particular manner, means, way, to follow My Plan, to be with Me for All Eternity. I had set down The Rules. I have given the Way, and now I have come back to say, through another child such as you, ‘The Plan is Mine, The Miracle is from The Divine, and instead of a Church, I want a City built, a City that will bear the Name of Him Who did care, a Facet of Me, Joseph.’

When I sent That Part to the world, I sent Him to protect the Church before it was begun. So I say to you now from Where I am, ‘He stood in Protection at the moment of conception, in ways you do not know; and when I took Him from the earth, at that moment of leaving the earth, He knew that there was so much work yet to be done, but in My Plan, I had to create a separation of time.’

And now I am returning Him to the earth to protect, once again, My beloved Church, the one that I want all men to understand has in it the Total Sacrifice of and for man. I sent the True Words, I sent the Light, and through This Great Miracle I send the Protection, a mere child, but the Real Protection is That Part of Me, Joseph, for through His Name, men will know the Security, the Beauty that has been preordained.

So, My little children, I bless you in your day and I say, ‘Through prayer, you will develop in Faith; through Faith, you will develop in service to Me, and in service, you will give Me time; for do not forget, I control the motor, and through that motor I connect your heart with Mine, My Life with yours, and the Hope I hold in The Divine.’

So, as you have been taught, as you have been given, as you have been shown, do not forget, The Son that was risen, The One Who instituted that Great Church, stands with The One now, Joseph, in the world, to teach and to reteach, to show and to give, to extend the Light and the Hope; for do not forget, I created the universe, I created you, and I hold the key to your heart, for I hold you. I am The Judgment of every moment of your day and I am The Justice that you will have to face one day. I am The Light of the world. I am The Hope for you. I am The Holder of the key, and I want you.

I bless you with a Love you cannot know and I bless you with a Heart that I oftentimes show, and I bless you with Light, for I want you to see that today you partake in Prophecy, not a prophecy of man, but a Prophecy of Me. And I want the whole world to know that I am The Father, I am The Judge, I am your Life. Let them know. So be it.”