The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 26, 1975 at 3:35 pm


“My beloved children, I am The Sacred Heart. I announce Myself in the beginning so those of you who love Me much will share these moments, to a degree that will help you carry on for Me.

I was sent forth to the earth to show children The Father’s Heart, to show life, and to show the meaning of purity. I was sent forth to help men better understand the reality of being man and the reality of a Hereafter.

Men abused Me at the last but I knew that the abuse would not last, but oftentimes, during this particular time, I would say to The Father: ‘Help Me. I do not know if I can endure physically, as man, the abuse, the profanity, the indignities they place upon Me. I could not, even if I were just man.’

I say to you now, from the Heavens Where I am, ‘If you allow certain men to place the rules they have made for you to follow in their way, you will be doomed when you are physically dead.’ You must awaken to the Truth, you must begin to beseech The Father for more Faith, for more hope, for more understanding. You must act and not react. You must give time where it is needed. You must profess, you must confess, and you must have progress, else those who are evil, full of self-love, will lead you astray so you will not come Above.

Oftentimes, children say to Me, ‘Sacred Heart, I love You very much.’ They do not hear My Words to them, for as they love Me, they must love Him, for I am but The Heart of Him and He is Totally All Things. Children sometimes emphasize but One Facet of The Father. Children must realize that in His Omnipotence, He is All Things. I am a Part of Him. I am The Part He has allowed to be seen, and as The Heart beats, It rings out through the world, children hear the Angels sing.

I will give you a verse for you to remember for all days; hold it dear, keep it close, say it often:

‘Heavenly Father, Beloved Mother, never let me stray. Hold me close to Your Hearts every day. When I am despondent, help me to understand it will pass away. When I am fearful, help me to grow more in Faith. Help me to be strong, to be a warrior each day, for the good of my Soul and other men’s Souls to return to You, one day. I love You with the beat of my heart; and my littleness is all Yours; for whatever You Will it to be, to do, I ask You to let it be done, Your Way.’ So be it.”