Saint Catherine of Siena

1347 - 1380

Saint Catherine of Siena

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 27, 1975


“My beloved children, I am Saint Catherine of Siena. I have spoken many times. Today I deliver a Message from The Divine, and I say to all peoples in the world: ‘Be aware of being a warrior for God. Be aware of your time. Be aware of the times that went before this time, when The Father sent to the world a particular child to stand as the one who would lead men of all kind.’

I come now and I teach you a Great Lesson, I teach you in a firm manner, and I teach you so you will be able to pass on to others what God Wills for all mankind.

First of all, My children, announce to yourself today, and to others, that you intend to be a warrior for The Father in every way. Secondly, as you do this, bear in mind that to be a true warrior for The Divine, you must first understand The Commandments, The Demands He gave. Third, also you must say to Him: ‘I will give You a degree of time. I will spend more time with You, my God, so I will get to better know You and so I will be better able to serve You, in my way.’

The next one, My children, take your home, clean it the physical way, and then pronounce, announce in this home, that certain things will have to be carried out in a loving, giving way. All in this home must know that the home is dedicated to God in every way.

Next, My children, be sure that when men translate to you the given word, transcribe it the correct way, be sure that you understand the lesson in it and the lesson it leads you to, for every day.

I have come many times. I have given many orders through this child, and I hold her more deeply now, for you see, I want you all to remember the prayer to be that will lead you daily to The Holy Trinity.

‘Forsake me not, my Heavenly Father. Forgive me for all things I do against Thee. Help me to strive for Sainthood. Allow me to be a warrior in Your Name. Teach me to extend to all mankind Your Love, Your Mercy, in Your Name. Help my Faith grow in what is good. Help me to know what I am to do. Help me to see, not beyond my capabilities, but to the degree best for me.’ So be it.”