Saint Barnabas

1st century AD - 61

Saint Barnabas

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 2, 1975 at 12:35 am


“I am Saint Barnabas. You must know, My children, that to walk in a particular role for Divine Mystery, Mastery, Piety, Purity, Commission, Demand, is a privileged path, means, manner, way, role. So many children throughout the world try to walk a path such as this. They encounter many difficulties and much, sometimes, imagination. Where a path is chosen through Divine Love, by Divine Love, Hope and Intention, the path is oftentimes a path of burden, a path of understanding, not apprehension, but you must see that any Divine Guidance that comes to the earth, is sent to the earth, is done in a manner almost naturally.

Many men profess to believe, to have Faith, to desire what The Father Wills. These very same men, under fire, would relinquish all things for the moment to attain either satisfaction, acclaim, understanding, or perhaps a delay in judgment by another man. Politically speaking, men adjust their lives to and with and in, also according to the desires and the plans acceptable by other men.

A child responsible totally to God for every act sometimes may appear political, but if you will but look into the depth of the action, the quality of the action, you will see only the correct love for The Holy Trinity administered through the action, rather than the reaction to what men do and think.

A total summation of what I have said thus far is this: You stand, not in the mere throes of a Miracle, but in the actual Action of It in the world. It will one day be written up by particular men, but it is and it will be as this child has often said: ‘No man will ever be able to write what has just occurred.’ This is true. Even those who are present do not see nor feel the Depth nor the Magnitude of each step.

So, you have been Blessed in many ways. You are participants in a true fight, a total war, for the Will of The Father to be seen, to be accepted, and to be followed. Many corrections will have to be accomplished in the world. It is true it will take time, but then, who owns your time? You? Not really. God? Definitely.

So I, Saint Barnabas, say to you today in your time: ‘Be alert to All Words spoken to you from The Divine. Perhaps the Lesson will not be full Light to you at this moment or at any moment you hear It, but at a time when you need to act, you will find the decision easier, for you will have not only Evidence behind you, but the Light to be able to determine the correct act.’

I bless you from the Heavens and I say: ‘An orderly life has much happiness in it. A life with turmoil cannot see the Beauty of The Holy Trinity, for it is too distracted in manner and way, uncontrolled, sometimes by the lack of peace in it.’ I bless you and I say, ‘You are warriors for God in your day.’ So be it.”