God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 27, 1976 at 3:26 pm


“I come to you on this day and I say: ‘I am The Father of All. I am The Creator of All Men, and I am The Creator of All Things. I am the Visible Sign and I am the Invisible Sign for you to see.’

You oftentimes call My Name, and I answer you in My Own Way, for I heard the pleas of a Part of Me on a Cross men built one day; and I look into your hearts and I look into your motives, I look into your needs and I look into your whole being, for you see, it is from Me.

And through This Great Miracle of Light, through This Great Miracle of Hope, I send once again to the world a Part of Me I want the whole world to see and to know. I want men of all races, all colors, all creeds, to see the Magnitude of Him for Me. At the time before He left the world, no one really saw His leaving, but I return now to you and say, ‘As He once protected Me upon the earth, He comes today through a child to protect Me once again, for men are trying to destroy Me and what I built to save men.’

So through this child I come and say, ‘It is I, your Father, Who speaks today, and in this speaking, know, you are not foolish to love Me.’ You must remember I Always Was and Always Will Be. The earth will move, and men will make mistakes, but I am never in error, and I have come to the earth once again to give Hope.

A child stands before you, such as you, but I am The Commander of this great army, and today I command you: Walk in the light of reality. Walk in the truth of logic. Walk in the beauty of hope, and when you do, you will share a love with Me, because I created you. Do not forget, I am your Father. And men say I do not speak, and when they say this, say to them, ‘Does your heart beat?’ And if they have to answer ‘Yes,’ then I want you to say this to them: ‘As your heart beats, The Father speaks.’

I bless you from the Heavens with a Love you cannot know, for I am your Father and I love you so. But as your heart beats, remember, it is I Who speaks. So be it.”