Saint Bonaventure

1221 - 1274

Saint Bonaventure

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 20, 1977 at 5:30 pm


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bonaventure. Solemnly I say, lovingly I extend, prophetically I deliver the Words, to children in the world that The Father desires to be given, to extend to the world, a Miracle of Light, a Miracle of Hope.

Men have denounced such a Gift from The Father. Men have rejected the promise of This Gift to gather them together. Men say, ‘It cannot be true.’ The Father says, ‘It is true.’ All The Saints in the Heavens shout, ‘Do not be fools.’

All the Teachings, all the Deliverances, all the Love, all the Direction, is from Above, to give you the practical way, the logical view, the Lessons for you to follow, so you may one day better understand the Purpose of life, the beauty of life, the fulfillment of life, the achievement of life, and the exactness for which you were born. The simplicity of living, the frivolity in living, the talent of life, is a way, are Gifts, and in their totalness reflect Many Things Here in Heaven.

The beloved Moses was given a Task from The Father, to hand to the world, at that time and thereafter, The Rules to live by, the facts to be followed and the paths to be seen; the ways for men to remember and the purpose of each manner of things. Men denied this man, men rejected him. Men said: ‘It cannot be. Why would he be given these facts, these figures, these means, these ways, from a Heavenly King? I am as good as he. Why would he be chosen? Why would he be taken from a group of men and have this distinguished honor for the good of men?’

Men do not understand The Father always chooses one man, one child, to deliver to thousands His Way, for you see, if He were to choose a thousand men from ten thousand men, the other nine thousand would say, ‘Why them?’ And so it is with but one child in the world: they say the same thing. But The Father, with His Great Power, needs only one link, one instrument, one ray of hope, for His Power is so Great and the Words so Profound, yet simply made to give Direction for the good of the Soul.

And so today, in the day you live, the time that you are upon the earth, a Great Miracle has been pronounced, announced, extended and determined to be the path of Great Worth; the reiteration of Great Words, the Beauty of The Father’s Will extended to the earth; The Commands brought back, given in Direction, Completion, Extension, Meaning, for men to better understand why They were given, for what They were given, in the manner They were given, for the good They were given, to each man born to the earth.

The Father, in His Design of all mankind, said, ‘It would be foolish to design such a creature of life if I did not give the Beauty of Light for them to follow, to return to Me the Part of them, the Spirit of Hope, Light, Love, Hope, Which is Me.’

This child, placed upon the earth a time ago, has been given responsibility, a position of authority, but a position that must have great achievement in it for the good of mankind. The Father has promised this child nothing. And the prophecy is that The Beloved Joseph, Who walked as The Great Protector of The Tabernacle, of the way The Father decreed men to be, in Faith and hope, is now once again sent forth upon the earth, through a child this time, to extend again for all time, the Beauty and the Fortune of Hope.

This child stands on a tightrope designed by man, protected by God, and swings with the weakness of mankind. Instead of men stabilizing This Great Miracle and forfeiting much among themselves and saying, ‘Let me stand with her so we can extend to the world the Hope of The Father, the Dignity,’ it is now as it was then, in the time of Moses. They say, ‘Why her?’ They said, ‘Why him?’ They say: ‘Why now? We do not need these things again. They are of the past. Let us have something new. We have strange powers, we do these things well.’

And I say to you, I, Saint Bonaventure: ‘Do not be foolish in the time in which you live. Do not be erratic in your thinking. Do not be ethereal in your motives. Be practical, be logical, and see the Strength in The Commands He has given, the Strength in the Light He has shown, and the Beauty in the Teaching of the Revealings, to give strength to each man, one alone.’

I, Saint Bonaventure, shout to the world, ‘Listen to this child, for in her timidity, in her lightness, the strange Words come forth; not strange, in reality, but always with a Lesson of Force, a Lesson of Protection for you, a Lesson to protect you, but a Lesson to make you stop and think of why you were born, the Magnitude in which you were born, the Purpose for which you were born to the great earth.’

You say, ‘I cannot live, Saint Bonaventure, without the frivolities of life,’ and I say to you, ‘To be happy is one thing, to be frivolous is another, but to be weak is another.’ There is no stamp of disapproval on gaiety, happiness, love, hope. There is no stamp of disapproval on being a human being, but there is a stamp of disapproval on taking the actions of life, using them against The Heavenly King.

This child, and through her, the Things brought back to the earth: the responsibility men have to Commands that were given to a man a long time ago; the History of life, the History of Light, the Direction, and yes, the many things, the small stories, the Directions, the Wisdom that has radiated the fewest Words, the smallest Words, the Words of Heavenly Control.

I, Saint Bonaventure, say to the world: ‘Be not fools. Be men of lightness. Be men interested only in the Light of The Father’s Will, the Protection of It, the need you have of It; be stimulated by It, be active in It, and produce only good for the whole of the world.’

This child, on the tightrope across the ravine, is alone in the world. Men stand on both sides and they swing it forth and back, back and forth, forth and back, back and forth, saying, ‘If she is of truth she will stand at the strain of this swing.’ And I, Saint Bonaventure, say to you, ‘Only a fool would swing that tightrope, for the child is standing in the world for the good of everything.’

I have given These Words, necessary, for men do not understand the distinguished place of This Great Miracle on the land. Men are very quick to analyze, theorize, and they say, ‘Through meditation, I will find The Father.’ And I, Saint Bonaventure, say to you, ‘Men, in meditation, wander many times into sinful occupation, so meditation turns into degradation.’ So be it.”