Saint John Marie Vianney

1786 - 1859

Saint John Marie Vianney

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 16, 1977 at 12:05 am


“Attention. Many men desire notice, agreement, attention. Few men understand the hidden life. Many men shout, ‘It would be a desirable way to live, to be hidden from the world, not responsible for any man, bearing the freedom and the hope: freedom to act as one pleases, the hope to one day be secure in all things.’

I, John Marie Vianney, say: ‘Men cannot be free until they have been, themselves, with God, The Holy King. Men cannot have hope until they cast all their thoughts, actions, their whole being, into the mold of pure love, with commitment to The Father for all time and all things.’

I speak on a night in your day, at an hour in your time, and in a manner of speech you can understand and define. Challenge is easy to accept, sometimes difficult to do, but challenge is a motivating power for men to act within, to accomplish major things. This child, through whom I speak, is as a generator of power, for through her the accent is always on the Soul of men.

Let us now take fifty men. We must keep in mind that along with these fifty men we must make room for fifty Souls. What is the size of your Soul? What is the dimension It bears? What is the Light within It? How do you care for It? To you, what does your Soul mean? Do you accept It because you were told you had It, or do you accept It because, in reality, It is your hope? A Soul is truly hope.

Through This Great Miracle of Hope, I, Saint John Marie Vianney, say, ‘Men must understand the privilege of hope, the value to hope; and that True Gift from God, the Soul, which is hope.’ This Great Miracle of Light, of Hope, of Beauty, is one not strange to the world, but a pattern, a path, a role, a means and a manner, for men to learn about, to seek out, and to absorb self-control.

Whenever The Heavenly King, The Father of All Creativity, assigns a task, a way, a means, to a child, there are always many areas to be accomplished, to be fulfilled, to be seen, to draw all men to the point of scene. This child, through whom I speak, is fully aware of responsibility. Also, through many hours of taxing instilling, this child can speak momentarily, giving Lessons of Magnanimous Value, View; teach to multitudes of people, simple, simply, profound, in every facet of delivery.

Men speak casually of her way of life. I, John Marie Vianney, say, ‘Men could become too relaxed, too casual, too indifferent, too personal, where this child is concerned, for you see, an instrument bearing such responsibility must be seen for the weight, the burden It has been allowed to hold.’

I hold her deeply, for the physical body is beyond the point of physical strength. The Force of Supernatural Power, Energy, Weight, Work, Delivery, Consumption, is more than any man knows. If man but knew what energy it takes to speak so often and so long and with such Content, man would drop to his knees in response, in respect, in thanksgiving to The Holy King.

Multitudes of people throughout the world must learn of This Great Miracle, and also, the additional Assets It carries, It bears, It provides, It instills, It has, for the benefit of man.

I am about to close My Words, for the Power I come through, in which I reach you, is a Power of Heavenly Control, Means and Jurisdiction. I want you to resign yourselves to the facts that This is not an ordinary occurrence. It is Supernatural in every Means in; as We pass the Words through this child, more happens than you realize. The physical faculties have been prepared to not only accept, but to succumb to the tones of Our Particular Way, not natural to you.

I bless you with a Priestly Blessing and I say, ‘In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.’