Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 8, 1978 at 12:18 am


“No man makes a contract with God but each man must account to God for time, effort, talents, vocation and Spiritual growth.

I speak through a child who is beyond the point of human strength. I, My children, am your Heavenly Mother. I speak with Love on this night, through a child who walks totally in the Direction of, in the Command from, and through the Love for The Father’s Way. I speak slowly through her, for the exhaustion she has causes Words to be difficult to say.

The coming times are important; the coming events, most important. I promise each son I will be present when the words are given in a human way.1 My promise is this: Their commitment, their dedication, their submission of their will to perform according to The Father’s Will, will be accepted lovingly and with much hope, for you see, through time, men make decisions, take steps to accomplish, and oftentimes are involved in important occasions. Some of these occasions are for the good of the monetary way. Some of these occasions are to help the children grow spiritually in God’s Way. Some of these occasions are occasions that help the children get along in the world, such as the term ‘graduation from school’, and of course, other things.

Now, some men, perhaps a handful to you in the world, will take a commitment, a stand, for reasons perhaps they do not understand, but at least it is a time of a step in the direction of man, for the good of Souls.

Through this child I speak openly, and through this child I extend My Love, and I say to each son, ‘I enfold you in My Mantle, I enfold you in My Arms, I enfold you in the Heavenly Love The Father has for you,’ and I say, ‘The Direction you have been given, will be given, will be for the good of your Souls to come Here one day.’

The Power I stand in is the Power of Divine Light and Love, and the Power presses against the child’s eyes, and it is difficult for her to hold her eyes in the way of sight.

There is no Miracle in the world such as This One. This One extends to all of mankind, Teaching, Hope, Direction, Solution. Men are not understanding the need for solution. They only look to the immediate necessity of useful used time. Time can be wasted if there is no solution to actions, thoughts, deeds, and the reason for existence.

So many times men commit themselves to places, persons, actions, that have little reason. Through this child We come to the earth to express the hope, to extend the Teaching, the Direction, for men to better understand how they must walk, what they must follow, and the things they must do to motivate others to be good, to think of saving their Souls.

Men have omitted from their life the direction of purity. Men have omitted the beauty of service to God in a selfless manner. Men have absorbed the wrong thinking and have accepted a lack of self-discipline as the normal way of life. Men must begin to report to God for every moment of their time, regarding their thoughts, their words, their actions, and the example they extend to all men.

My Words flow through a child, who hears Them at the same time you do. Remember, the days are important, the hours add into the days, and the moments of each hour combined will be the moments you will have to account for, for the Divine Love extended to you in your time. Be aware of error in all surrounding things. Be conscious that you do not perform in error, causing sadness to The Divine King.

I bless you with My Mantle and I say: ‘A Mother’s Love I have for you each day. My Love cannot grow; It is the Ultimate Love. Remember, your actions in this Love can grow, and your Soul will glow from this growth.’ Be gentle, be kind, be firm, and remember that each moment you live is accountable to God forever after. So be it.”

1 Refers to the Installation of the Charter Members of The Society Of Saint John Vianney.