Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 30, 1978 at 1:35 pm


“Men frequently are concerned over financial statements, financial capabilities and financial renderings of the status of their monetary measures.

The Beloved Father, The Creator of All mankind, The King of All things, The Ultimate Being, says to the world: ‘A financial statement in the world gathers possessions, and also, what is owed to other human beings, but a financial statement in My Way bears a tally of Graces for the total of things.

‘A financial statement says: “What have you done? What do you plan to do? How can you account for all things?” A financial statement that bears My Name on it, says to Me: “I am accountable for my time, God, and I account for every moment of my life. I am accountable for all my possessions upon the earth and I account to You for each one of them. I am accountable for my physical being and I account for each part of my physical life.”

‘When the balance is made, the tally given, the purpose unfolded, men will find that the financial statement, the statement of accounting is more important than the one that men expect from human life.

‘I will speak later, I will speak more, I will deliver Words that must be accounted for, for the Words will be Direction, Command to perform, and I expect a statement telling Me the true balance and the means each man is accountable for.’ So be it.”