God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 30, 1979 at 2:57 pm


“As I have taken a Portion of Me and entwined It into your being, I want you to understand, to realize and to benefit by this Knowledge from Me, that This Portion is Divine Way, Divine Life, Divine Light, Divine Reality; It is called ‘your Soul’.

If I were to shower upon you, open for the world to see, the Graces I hand for your loyalty, for your dedication, for your commitment, for your love, for your Faith, for your diligence, in serving Me, you would see the Grace like gold dust over your whole being, flickering in the light of the sun, glowing in the light of the moon, and penetrating your Soul internally. It is necessary for children to know that the Grace they earn is given to their Soul, and when this Soul is returned to Me, the Grace they have received will decide the Judgment, for Me.

A child who walks obediently, as a servant of love wholeheartedly, is protected by Grace Everlastingly. My Love is not a competitive love; it is a Love of Purity. Those who understand the Reality of My Being, must understand that time is necessary to be devoted to Me, in work, in words, in action, in charity.

This City that bears My Name has been brought to the attention of thousands of men. Some hear it and say they will wait for It to be accomplished. Some feel the drawing to It, physically. Some want to feel a part of this City. Others look at It negatively; their doubt in Me reflects their service. And I say: ‘When you do something in My Name, you honor Me. I cherish this act of love, and I must add to this, that in My Memory I will remember to note that you did it for Me.’

My Name carries much Honor, much Justice, much Wisdom, for I am All Things. Children try to determine in a numeral way, My Structure, My Way. No man has the capacity to see Me, to show Me, to feel Me, in the manner man would like it to be.

I speak now as I have spoken many times through this child, through this woman in the world. My Directions are burdensome and many. It is necessary for the physical of this child, this woman, to have respite from man, but I assure you there can be no respite from Me for I am sending her away to gain strength to fulfill My Will in other days. There are many issues on My Land, in My City, to be accomplished in a given time. One of the greatest difficulties on this child, on this woman, has been men’s lack of understanding regarding the responsibility in given times.

I speak through a voice that carries the tones and the sound of a human voice, but I add, through a voice that has served in many ways and will. But there is much work yet to be received and to be handed to others so that My Will for man will be fulfilled in man’s hour of need, hour of despair.

More men are walking in despair upon the earth than you can realize. They have Faith, they have honor, they have love, but they are disturbed by the instability of other human beings. There is a recklessness, a restlessness, a frenzy, distortion, incompetency, insubordination, immoralities, impurity, causing so many children to stray, not having the True Direction that is necessary for them to submit to correct authority.

Many times a child prays to Me for help. There are so few who stand ready to give the strength, the aid, the direction, the help that is sound, good, correct, for the given area. The world is saturated with people who speak of their abilities of knowledge, their educational backgrounds. I, your Father, say, ‘A man can be educated in many fields, in many degrees of retention, but to love Me and to serve Me, not just willingly, but in the blind justice I demand it to be done, few men see the value, for they want to expound on the physical dignities of the written knowledge they have accepted as their guide and their line of reality.’

I could speak on and on through this child, this woman, but she has been the receptacle for so long, of so much Divine Power, that her little physical is beyond human exhaustion in many, many ways. Take the weight of two oceans, take the weight of two great countries. Now take the weight of the deserts and take the weight you know the whole world must amount to, and multiply this figure by the thousands. In doing this you might come up with a numeral that is comprehensible to you, but I, your Father, add to this: this numeral is inadequate to the weight this child carries for Me, for the good of man, every moment of your physical days.

You are Blessed in so many ways. Remember, My children, the Grace is like gold dust that enters your Soul internally, never to be removed. It adds up and multiplies, it grows. Keep this in your way of life and know, your Soul, arriving in a Heavenly State with Me, paying Me Honor and Glory for All Eternity, is My Goal for your Soul. So be it.”