Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 19, 1980 at 8:08 pm




Let me tell you what I see. I see twelve men gathered around one Man. The Man they’re gathered around has what I would call a golden brown hair, but there’s a light in the hair different than human light. The men are not dressed in real heavy garments. The weave of the garments is not refined, but it is more like a wheat looking color.

The men are intently listening and some are hunched over. One man is leaning on the other one, like this. He appears to be having a difficult time hearing.

The Man in the middle is Our Lord and He’s teaching what He wants the world to one day have, and He says He’s imprinting it into their memory as only He can. It’s in the Light, in the Words, or a Light from His Father to the earth.

He says: “Stop them from their desecrations. Teach them to hold firm on the Truths.”

And a man asked a question over here, and He answers it. He says: “The question is good. You worry if you have heard correctly that I will be leaving the earth. It is true, I will leave, but I will also remain where men will never be without Me. I will come to the earth physically again, but I will be upon the earth in a Form men can consume for strength.”


“My beloved sons, I am Saint Joseph, and I come on this day because it is necessary for men to learn the Beauty of God’s Love in a special way.

This woman that stands before you is a puppet for Here. The Words of Enlightenment give reality and value to the Teachings, to the Lessons for hope.

It is My Will tonight that you see the control I have over her. It is not easy for her to stand before you in this Light. As My Son once said, ‘They have numbered all My Bones,’ the hand that I show you moves totally under My Control. I move each part, one at a time.1 Her physical has been prepared for this time.

There is no place in the world that such a Miracle as This takes place, for you see, This Miracle that bears My Name is to re-establish the Church. Don’t try to do it your way, but respond to Me and My Way, and absorb the Teachings, absorb the Love, absorb the Light, absorb the Message of obedience. Absorb all you can for you will need the strength to endure the blasphemies, the ridicule, the hate, the contempt, that men are conjuring up against this woman who stands so alone in the world.

When This Miracle of Me was announced, men said, ‘Could it be?’ I, Saint Joseph, have once again come to the world to show mankind the beauty of loving The Father, the need for charity in the world; and the Goal of life, Purity, for Sainthood must be.

If you do not see the Value of This Great Miracle, you are not listening. All ages must follow the Words and be example of What is taught, What is given, What is demonstrated, for men are seeking vile ways, and you truly live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. We relate to this time because in your mind you remember the tragedy, but in reality, you are not familiar with the ugliness that took place, the degradation that was constantly offensive against The Father.

If you were asked at this moment to swallow the slime of the earth, you could not stand the thought of it; but when you commit a sin against purity, it is as though you swallow the slime of the earth and are contaminated with foulness indescribable.

As you walk in purity of mind and body, remember, you walk in the Light of Divine Love, with the Will of The Divine surrounding you.

Men argue about this woman but no argument can be solved, for no man can know how or why The Father would do things in the manner He does.

You heard of twelve who walked with My Son. There were more, but the twelve who stood out from the others passed on to millions of people, the Words.

I hold her in ecstasy. I hold her in a bondage to Him. She walks with My Name. She gives you Our Words instantly. I am a Power beyond what you know power to be. I control the power of the world. I stand in the Wind of The Father’s Power, in the Light of His Power, and I hold together the universe.

I have sent you a Light different than you know light to be, but I hand you a prayer I want you to say to Me:

‘Dear Saint Joseph, teach me the way You want me to be. Give me the strength to walk in purity. Stop me before an impure thought controls me. Make me think of what an impure act will do to The Father.

Help me to be example of Faith, Hope and Charity. Help me to be the protector that You want me to be. Give me the strength to provide what is necessary for my family, for my Soul, so I will be with God for All Eternity.’

I have held her in this position as a sign for you. I have used her to show My Love for you. A Victim Soul I have before you. Let the Light of My Way be your Light until We meet Face to face one day. So be it.”


1 Saint Joseph manipulated the bones in Frances’ hand and wrist individually. It appeared as a disjointing at the sockets. A doctor who was present admitted this was scientifically impossible.