God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 10, 1980


“Grace is many, many things. Grace can be termed ‘knowing the truth, accepting the truth’. It is a Gift of Grace to know what is right, to know what is wrong immediately, and it is a very Generous Gift from God when we speak of Grace. Grace is being able to tell people to stop it when they are doing wrong. Grace is very often evident when you must correct a child, no matter how old the child is.

The Light of Grace sometimes given to a True Mystic, is one of burden at all times.

We read books, we read a catechism, we look at definitions, and they are understandable to us, but unless we accept, or we are chosen to accept the tremendous responsibility of others with whom we come in contact, we many times do not realize the Importance of human life in the way God puts Importance upon the human life. When we understand, we realize more the responsibility of correction to man.

The Light of Grace has been dispensed by Heaven through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph for a very long time, and the Light of Grace has been handed to individuals and to groups when they would listen to the Words God would send, through Himself, by Himself, from Himself, or through His Beloved Saints.

It is easy to be charitable when you love God and it is easy to be example when you love God, but sometimes children do not realize that every moment of their life they are example to another human being, whether the other human being is family, friend or acquaintance, or just someone passing by.

Sometimes people have tasks that they do not like to perform because these tasks make other people ‘toe the line’, but when the task is performed with God in mind, the task is easier to perform, and there is much love in any portion of it because God is present in the body and the mind.

I have sent forth to the earth a Miracle, a Miracle of Hope, a Miracle of Justice, a Miracle of Truth, for all of mankind. I have placed This through the Light of Divine Grace and I use a woman in the world to express My Love for all of mankind.

The Light shines, the Hope shows; the Direction of where I want you to go, what I want you to do, is always evident in the responsible way the Words flow to you in every way.

I hand you Grace, My daughters, I hand you Love, through the obedience of a woman who listens to only Heaven Up Above.

Men say, ‘It cannot be.’ Men say, ‘Why her, why not me?’ Men say, ‘I am not sure.’ I frown about this, for you see, I have always handed Grace to man to see firsthand My Love, and of course, the Direction I Will them to walk.

There are so many avenues, so many paths to Heaven. I have handed man many at a time, and I have never allowed man to walk without, some Direction in instinct, Faith, hope, need, or otherwise.

I am The Father of Creation. I am The Light of the world. I am The Hope for mankind, and I say to you: ‘My Light that shines through This Miracle is a Light beyond man’s world. It is a Light of Greatness, a Light of Truth. It is a Blessing for man, from Me to earth.’

The Light is Pure. It flourishes where This Miracle is, and the Words spoken through the voice of this woman can always be said through your lips as His. My Words are Pure, I want you to know. My Light is Pure; It is full of Grace for each of you.

My City must be built. It must be soon, for I want men to come here and honor Me as I Will it to be. I want men to begin to look at things purely.

I have spoken many times through this woman in the world. I have given many Directions. I bless you, My children, with more than Words. I bless you with Grace from Heaven to the world. So be it.”