Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 28, 1981


“Man tries very hard to be successful in the world, to walk in acclaim, and he omits God. And yet, if God were present in the room to man’s eye, he would expect all the Things of God that are good, that are beautiful, that are honest, that express hope.

Man does not demand it of himself, and God is not going to present Himself physically to every man. So it is important for man, walking in the Image and Likeness of God, to be Godlike to other men, to be sincere, to be dignified, and to do the best, act the best way possible.

It is up to man to express charity in every thought, every word, every deed, every action. It is up to man to stand up when things are wrong, stand up to the immorality, to the impurity. It is up to man to say, ‘I don’t want it; it is not right, it is not good.’

Too few men in the world say, ‘It is wrong.’ They say they do not want to stir the water, ruffle the water. They do not want others to think they are prudes, that they are ‘picky’ about certain things.

My beloved children, it is important tonight that you have understood Every Word I have spoken.

I am your Heavenly Mother. I am The Mother of all mankind. I am The Queen of the Heavens, and as I speak through this child in the world, I speak in a humorous way, I speak in a positive way, and I speak All Truth to all in the world.

There are so many, many children walking around not understanding the dignity, always thinking that dignity takes something profound. They eliminate the beauty of sensibility. They eliminate the beauty of simplicity.

I speak through a child in the world. The Power of Me is so great for I want to reach you individually, so you will become aware of the Light of the Heavens through This Great Miracle, and you will feel the Power of This Light for the good of your Soul.

What I taught you tonight was for you to better understand, no man should rule you. You have been given a will to make decisions, to decide things for yourself, and to see the value of all things, for the good of your Soul.

Your physical is important to The Father, for your physical is the custodian of your Soul. That is why it is so important that your mental strength, your physical strength be sound, and that you stand strong in all your decisions in the world.

And know, My children, that as you pray, you are heard. As you work in prayer, you are seen and observed. As you doubt your own abilities, you must pray for strength in these abilities. You are capable of many things but you limit yourselves in so many things. You have many capabilities and yet you do not use them in His Name. You say your occupation, your vocation, your way of life, stops you from using all the things and causes you to have certain strifes.

I, your Heavenly Mother, want you to know that if you keep busy in My Name, if you act in charitable ways in My Name, you will find the beauty of life worthwhile and you will see that the challenges of just doing little things will keep you busy and keep you strong, and they will make the physical life a beautiful way. It will encourage the Soul in so many ways.

Your life upon the earth is one of greatness. You do not see it this way. You feel depressed, you feel worried, you have problems. You can conquer these problems, My little ones, in so many ways. I do not say, ‘Ignore the problems and they will go away.’ Use the effort The Father gave you, use the willingness He gave you, use the balance of things, the intellect, the knowledge, the purpose, to accomplish what He Wills you to do.

I have looked at you each individually tonight, and I want you to know I reach you through the eyes of one like you, I reach you through the lips of her way, but I must add: ‘The greatest way to walk for The Father is to walk in obedience every day, and be aware, My little ones, that purity must never leave you. You must seek it out. You must search for it. You must apply it to everything you do and everything you say.’

You walk a beautiful road for you walk the human way. You walk with a Love you cannot understand and you are guided by It every day.

My Light touches you tonight and I say, ‘You walk in a very important day.’ There are many challenges: challenges, challenges and challenges. There are more challenges, and more and more and more, but if you will look at these in the manner and the way they are allowed to be, you will find that life is worth living. There is hope in challenge. There is beauty when it is for God’s Will and Way.

When I walked the earth, there were so many who passed Our way. Our work was constant. It gave meaning to every day. We, too, had challenge. It made life interesting in the human way.

Do not deny yourself the beauty of challenge and do not say you are limited; you are not, for you must remember: Your Faith in God gives you strength nothing else can, and you have this strength to use in every way.

I beseech you, My daughters and My sons, to know, that as I speak through this child, through this woman in the world, I speak to the whole world with These Words, and I want you to say:

‘Heavenly Father, I promise You today I will give You my heart, I will do Your Will, I will work to fulfill Your Wish for me — I will become a Saint.’ So be it.”