Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 4, 1981


“As I speak through this woman in the world, I smile through her and I say: ‘You have been given an opportunity to see the Light of the Heavenly Way. You have been taught much in your day and you have been Blessed with a Great Love God’s Way.’

My sons, I am Saint Joseph. I am The Holy Ghost. I am The Light of the Heavens and I am The Light of The City of God. I am The Light by which, through which, men will see the Glory of the Soul God gave for them to return to Him, through Me.

The Heavenly Queen beseeches you to look into the Light of Hope, not see It dim, but see It glow for the Soul that God wants returned to Him.

Men call Me ‘Saint’. It is a Salute of Honor. I answer to the prayers, I answer the requests in many ways. And when men speak of The Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost, I also answer these prayers in another way, for there are so many things not yet explained to the world, but you must be reminded at all times that you were placed upon the earth for a Special Reason, a Special Purpose, designed by The Father for the good of your Soul.

I speak through a woman in the world, and I say to you that once before, the Words of a Woman, though She was different in Origin, were for the benefit of mankind and for the good of Souls.

You must understand, My sons, that This Great Miracle placed upon the earth, that bears My Name, is for all good to come, for all men to better understand the necessity of the Soul to return to God for All Eternity. We wait Here in the Heavens and We descend upon the earth to attract your attention, so you will better understand that the time upon earth is Special for man and must be utilized for a time later on, to spend Eternity with Him.

So many times men say, ‘If You are The Holy Ghost, are You not The Father?’ I always smile at this and say, ‘I am the Light of Him, I am the Wisdom.’ So many times children try to put so much emphasis on one word, and I say to you as I say to them, ‘Have Faith, My little ones, and be aware that the Purity of the Light that I send to you tonight is the Purity that your Soul understands.’

So be aware, My children, and be concerned, for the Light that I give you is a Burning Light of Hope, a Burning Light by which, through which, you can save your beloved Soul.

I bless you from the Heavens. I bless you in a way you will understand, for I say, ‘In the Name of The Heavenly One, The Creator of all mankind; in the Name of The Father and in the Name of The Son, Who gave to the world a Portion of Him, Who gave to the world the Way to Him.’ And then I say, ‘As you cross from one shoulder to the next, My Light will remain with you.’ You must remember this. So be it.”