Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 19, 1986


“Tonight much has been said in a very general way, but if you will but look into the different subjects you will find that the Lessons could have been elaborated upon, but time always cuts things short because of the tiredness of man. Heaven is concise, deliberate, and condenses many things, because to go into great detail would take more time than an evening affords.

Many men who follow the way of the Priesthood have not been ill-informed but have been trained in certain ways. They have been taught to conduct their vocation in a particular manner. They have been instructed of their position amongst men. It is difficult for them to understand the Wisdom of The Father because many men in the world are filled with the knowledge of books and instinctively ignore the value of wisdom in their daily life. I do not say that learning from a book is improper, but I do say that the logic in wisdom and the wisdom in logic many times supersedes what men can put in words on paper.

Men say I cannot be What I have claimed to be through This Great Miracle, because they have already determined the lowly position of My Way when I was in the human form upon the earth. In the Light of My Way, in the Soundness of How I Speak, in the practicality of how it would have had to have been, to be termed ‘The Foster Father’ of The Son of God, wisdom would say that My Place upon the earth had to be related to a Supreme Power.

When the Design for Christianity was consummated, It was put in such a way that man, through time, could understand, could relate to, and also could learn from, could imitate, and could follow the Example of.

It is necessary for mankind in your time now, to understand more than what was originally allowed by The Father. Your example to follow was set through what was called ‘the family life’. Men termed it ‘The Holy Family’.

I Am The Wisdom of God, and that sounds so out of line with how you know Me, but the Wisdom of The Father said, ‘Man will understand the human form, man will relate to a human being, man will respond to the Example,’ so it was allowed to remain through time, for the amount of years you understand Christianity to have been upon the earth.

The reason for This Announcement to the world at This Time was to give man new insight into the Supreme Power of The Divine, to give man insight into the Special Love God had for man through time.

I come on this night through an instrument who is totally obedient to the Touch of Divine Way. Man says, ‘I do not understand That Touch,’ but I, The Spirit of God, I, as you know Me to be by the Name of Joseph, say, ‘It is not easy to walk in the human way and yet listen to Divine Exactness, giving to men who cannot understand, Words that before were not handed so openly.’

Be sure that as you listen and as you take notes, you gather what I say correctly, for you could put your opinion in a totally human way, wherein this opinion could be diluted by what you feel, what you see or what you don’t see, what you have been taught or what you have not been taught, in other days.

I speak through a voice soft to you, for if I were to speak with the Power I Am, the instrument would fall to the ground and die from the Power, for no man could withstand the Power I Am. They say that an instrument is fortunate to have such personal contact with Divine Way, and I, The Holy Spirit, I, The One you know as Saint Joseph, say, ‘The responsibility of such a Task upon the earth is a fearful one, for it is beyond any responsibility man could undertake.’

Men celebrate this day with My Name as ‘Saint Joseph’, but the story you were told at the beginning of this night had something more in it than the instrument did say. The day she knelt before Me, I listened to her words. I smiled and said, ‘From this moment on you are being trained.’ And as I saw a child walk away from Me and go to her Mother, I smiled at this, for I even called her name. She heard it but she did not know the Secret Supernatural Power that would one day be a consistent, constant way of life, so that men of all kinds could hear Me say, ‘I Am The Holy Ghost, I Am The Holy Spirit, I Am The Light of Faith, and in the Personage of Saint Joseph I gave Example to the world of mankind, for all days.’

You are Blessed in many, many ways but I want you to know, on this night, What has been revealed to you is a ‘first’. I want you to think about It, I want you to understand It as well as you can, and I want you to know Divine Love has no limit; Divine Hope, no limit; Divine Wisdom, no limit. It is not a human love I hand to you tonight. It is Supernatural Love and a Blessing guided through Divine Light.

You are Blessed, My sons, in many ways for the Faith you have. We Here in the Heavens oftentimes say: ‘Remember, your will, will determine your Faith. Remember, your will, will give Light to the “Bond” that you hold, the Soul God once gave.’ So be it.”