Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 11, 1986


“So many times I have spoken through this instrument upon the earth, and as I spoke My Voice softened because of My Motherly Love for all children.

Children want to be loved, as they know love to be. You can be assured of such a Love from The Holy Trinity. This Love is Special, It is Supreme. It is a Love, One Alone, from The Holy King. It is a Love without question, a Love without doubt, a Love full of hope, and yes, It is all about.

My children, you can be sure, a Promise from Me, that the Love that reaches out to you is a Love Supreme, a Love without question, a Love without any scars, a Love of Purity, It has no mars.

Accept this Love, as It is yours. Accept It through Me, for as I speak through an instrument upon the earth, I speak to encourage you to walk a path of purity. You will find life easier to live, you will find more hope in each day, you will find truth your way, and you will find charity in every way. You will find Goal and you will seek this Goal, and you will find prayer a way to Here.

Remember, My children, that as you walk upon the earth, you are expected to one day walk Here Where I am, in a special way, in a special form, through the Soul that was given to you at a moment of conception.

Be reminded constantly that you have duties to perform, responsibilities to accept. Use these as privileges, make the most of them.

You are Blessed, My children, with a Love beyond your comprehension, but be aware that this Love, spoken through a human voice, there is nothing to compare, for the Words are Truth, the Words are Mine. Do not forget to talk to Me with your lips and with your mind. So be it.”