Saint John Vianney

1786 - 1859

Saint John Vianney

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 18, 1987


“In The Miracle so much has been given in such a natural way, through a woman, to men, to women and to children, and much to the clergy, but sometimes when a True Mystic speaks, people want to see only the human side because their ego gets in the way, their vanity sometimes, or their own weaknesses or their own desire to have what the True Mystic has.

A real True Mystic does not take such responsibility upon himself or herself, not a True Mystic, because the first thing that a True Mystic learns is that the responsibility is unbearable and that to falter in any way in this responsibility would be unpardonable by God.

A True Mystic does not just feel reverence toward God, not just a deep love for God, but a sincere fear of God, fear to ever step out of line, fear to ever say the wrong thing, and always a deep respect for Who God Is, What He Is, and the Greatness He Is.

There are so many self-made evangelists throughout the world. They talk about God and they talk about how easy it is to be forgiven by God, but a True Mystic is more aware of The Commandments of God and more aware of the Strength of God and more aware of the Justice that God Is, and definitely more aware of the Truth that is connected to His Name and the Truth that must be expressed in every facet of life, every moment of the day.

Some people feel that they need attention. In reality, a True Mystic does not want attention. It is very difficult to handle because it is innate to want God to have all the attention, it is innate to want man to first see God above all things, to respond to Him, to love Him, to adore Him, and to not see the human role that is only the role of an instrument.

The world today has many claiming and proclaiming they have great gifts. They do not. The very words they speak, the intentions they have, are not self-denial in the true sense of the word but are words of self-love, and the world is full of these people.

Those of you, who have grown in love with God more deeply than in time that has passed, are fortunate, because you have allowed your will to absorb, to gather, to follow and to grow. You use your will to seek more about Him, and if you are honest with yourself, you will find that you, too, have grown in humility and an inner desire to please Him more, to do more for Him, to love Him in a greater way than you ever thought possible before. This is the way God intended it to be.

It is important, as you grow, to see the Value of your Soul above and beyond the value of material things. It is not wrong to have material things, but it is wrong to put these things above God.

As you have been Blessed many times, you have been given more Purpose to life at these times. You have been nourished with Grace, and of course, with God’s Will for the benefit of your Soul.

Do not deny your Soul the Grace that waits. Do not deny your physical the moments that you can spend with Him, not always on your knees, but when you make a mistake apologize to Him, say: ‘I’m sorry, God, I should have known better. I should not have done that. I will try harder to please You and to show my love for You in my own private ways.’

Tonight, as I speak to you slowly, firmly, and with great confidence, the Light I am is a Light of Hope. You stand together in a group and you stand in My Name.

I speak slowly through the instrument because I did not speak in the tongue you speak, in My days, so as I enunciate and I pronounce the Words through the instrument, I smile through her for she grasps My Words, because All of Us Here in the Heavens came from different ways, and as We speak through this child, this woman in the world, We use the language you understand, the language she can speak, and sometimes as We speak through her she listens so intently, for you see, she does not hear with her ears, she hears with the Ears of her Soul. Our Words pass through her Soul to you in a very special way.

I ask you, My sons, to understand, you will sin less if you apologize to Him when you speak in error, you act in error, or you allow weakness to take over in your thoughts, your words, your deeds. The small apology will not take away the sin, but it will give you strength, and perhaps before you commit this again you will remember the apology and not sin.

Sons have a special place in the world, just as daughters do. It is important for each one to understand the tasks are special. There is much responsibility to each one, and do not forget, there is great responsibility for the benefit of your Soul.

I bless you from the Heavens and I bless you in a way you understand: In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”