Saint John Vianney

1786 - 1859

Saint John Vianney

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 5, 1987


“So many times children of all ages neglect the chance to grow strong spiritually because they become so involved in daily endeavors, motivations, ideas, ideals, and they allow themselves to become lackadaisical where God is concerned.

It is wonderful to be a success among men. It is wonderful to be a success in the eyes of men. It is wonderful to be successful for one’s own satisfaction, but remember, My sons, that success comes in many ways.

Success comes in one’s own growth within one’s own thinking. Success can be measured by one’s example to all people. Success can be an art in how to handle charity. Success can stand all by itself when it is done in a morally sound way.

It is not necessary to have one’s name on a marquee, but when God’s Name is written in someone’s heart and that Name is ever present, always evident, success rings through the whole being.

You are Loved as you were told you are Loved, but remember, My sons, that the Greatest Love for you comes from The Father’s Love for the Soul that you hold till one day He will ask you to return It to Him, and as He looks into the Light of your Soul and your Soul expresses that particular Love because It is returning to Him, there will be no Greater Glory, no Greater Success, and no Greater Hope and Love for any man to achieve.

You carry My Name. I hand you strength. I am Saint John Vianney. Few men celebrated My day1. Few men thought of the position I play, but as I was handed a Particular Task one day, I hold it in dignity, in honor and delight, for I want you to know, as I love mankind through The Heart of God Himself, those who walk spreading His Name, doing His Will, I walk with in many ways. So be it.”

1 Refers to The Society Of Saint John Vianney, the organization for men created to perform charitable acts for the sake of Souls and to support the Priesthood in the manner intended by Christ Himself for this vocation. Saint John Vianney’s feast day is August 4.