Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 22, 1988


“As I speak to you, I allow you to see the instrument in a deeper degree of ecstasy than you supposed her to be a short time ago. If truth be known, in order to speak so fluently, so positively, the ecstasy was very deep, but the ecstasy is not always coordinated with the physical the way man would do it.

As your Heavenly Mother, I say to you that the deepest of ecstasies is very often a very dangerous place for a child chosen to walk such a dangerous road. The advantage others have at this particular time, is because the child is so totally with Divine Rule that the child ignores the human presence, because the human presence is unimportant to the child where We are available to the child’s vision through the Soul. The child says, ‘Take me with You for I am tired,’ and We say, ‘Taking you at this time, what good would it do, the work is not yet accomplished, and you must walk and work according to The Father’s Rule.’

Sensitivity cannot enter, emotionalism cannot be part of such an Important Place in life that is dedicated totally to The Father’s Will. As the Soul feels Our Touch, as the Words are spoken in a manner you understand, in a format you can believe, you can remember and you can translate to others in a time of need, there is a Great Power, not human, that passes this through her Soul to you.

Your Soul is That Part of The Father that He desires for you to return to Him, in a way, in a manner, and in the purest of Light that you will allow to be, for if I were to allow each Soul present in this room now to glow in Its degree, Some would glow brighter, Some may not glow as bright, and yet there is not one Soul in this room that is not Part of The Father.

This Great Miracle of Hope, of Light, has come to the world to instill into all of mankind the knowledge, the information that each human being has That Portion of The Father within, the Reason for living, the Purpose for human life.

Do not ignore what is so important for you. Do not turn your back on what you can do to help your Soul grow brighter. You have a will, you have the way, you have the Goal. Let your decisions, My daughters, reflect only His Will in you, through you, day and night.

Do not say at a certain hour, ‘I will do Your Will, my Father, but I am busy now taking care of other things, other measures of life,’ but do say to Him, ‘I offer for whatever purpose is Your Desire, my responsibilities that I am taking care of at this time, on this day, for what is right.’

So much has been spoken, so much has been taught, so much has been given, so much Love has been shown, through This Great Miracle that so many men do not want to accept because It is too Great, too Bright, and so Right. They do not feel they have the capacity to comprehend This Information, and some of them say, ‘I do not want to believe for it will change so much in the past, from the past.’ But I, your Heavenly Mother say: ‘Men do not make the correct changes all the time. Better they look at This Great Miracle and take seriously what We have spoken about for so long a time. Better they listen, with not just the Words that pass through different ways to them, better they read the Words so they can grasp the full meaning of what is so important, coming so freely to the world in This Time.’

You are Blessed with a Light of Divine Light and Purity. You are Blessed with a Hope. It is your security. You are Blessed with the Love of The Holy Trinity. You are Blessed with a Mother’s Love for your purity. So be it.”

She smiles as She says, “The privilege of a very deep ecstasy is for you to understand the Greatness of God’s Love for your Faith, hoping it will draw you to more purity.”