Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 26, 1989


“You and I walk a daily path. Some of us have routines, some of us have very little routine. Some of us have motivation to do many things and some people have little motivation to do anything. Some people are ambitious, some people desire success. Some people are happiest when they serve, to help another human being.

Some people become anxious when things don’t go the way they feel they should, and these very same people, if they would pray to God to give them the strength, to understand that time will take care of many things. Time does its part, and God uses time for the benefit of each human being because of the Love in His Heart for every human being.

In our daily routine we forget we have a Soul. In our daily routine we oftentimes forget kindness, generosity, charity. In our daily routine we forget that loving one’s neighbor may just mean a ‘Hello’. In our daily routine we forget that some people we know, some people we see, some people we meet and have not seen in a long time, need our presence to console what they are all about, the problems they are confronted with, the feelings they feel, perhaps the emotional state that is so difficult for them to handle.

We have signs all around and we have one very evident sign, that God Is Real. The reality that there is A God and that This God Is All Things, that This God Is All Power throughout the whole universe, is evident in every part of our life.

The time in which you live is a time of great heresy, a time that speaks out loud and says: ‘Use your intellect, use your will, use your love for God in everything you do.’

I speak slowly for many reasons, for the weight of My Power is as the weight of the ocean on the body, the mind of the instrument, the woman through whom I speak. The Light that surrounds her life, her way, is the Light of The Heavens. She walks in This Light every day.

A long time ago, when she was approached with the Wind that I am known for, there was a fear beyond what you can know, but there was a response that every human being should hold dear. The only question We had to confirm was the question she repeatedly asked, ‘If This is Truth I must have a sign; if it is not Truth I must know it now.’

You have experienced many times the Light of Our Love for the whole world. You must understand that this Light of Words, Demonstration, Hope, has been handed to you at a time when the whole world needs Hope. The very fact that there is so much immorality, indecency, sacrilege, heresy, does not mean there should not be a Light that extends only Hope.

Hope is precious to all men, women and children. Hope gives encouragement, motivation, energy. Hope is what This Miracle that bears My Name is all about.

This Great Miracle has been given in Story form. Let It spread throughout the world for mankind to read, to absorb, to question, and in so many ways learn from, for a fuller life, a brighter life, a happier life, and Eternal Life.

As I bless you with the Light of The Heavens, I bless you with The Father’s Love, I bless you with The Mother’s Hope that you will obey and grow more deeply in love with The Father, with all the signs in your life that will give you the strength to understand more about what life is all about, and I bless you in The Name of The Son, for it was His Love that gave to you the Sacrifice that no man could have given you, in the world. So be it.

I have handed you a Sign. Let It be within you until the end of time.”