Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 13, 1990


“So Many Saints have spoken through This Great Miracle. Some have spoken strongly, Some have spoken quietly, but I have always spoken very distinctly, and I might add, sometimes rapidly. I am Saint Teresa of Avila.

There is much to be done, many things to be conquered, many obstacles to be eliminated. You must understand that man cannot handle too many steps at one time.

Picture The Miracle at the bottom of the steps. Picture The Miracle at the top of the steps, and then think of it this way: The length of the legs, the length of the stride can only take a certain amount of steps at one time. That is how you must see the changes that will take place when it is accomplished, what was decreed to be.

The next time you see a flight of stairs, remember this. Some of you may feel that you can climb these steps or walk down them two at a time. Some may even say, ‘I can make three,’ but remember the dangers attached to overstepping such an act of competency or incompetency.

I am showing the child steps. She says, ‘They look like a hundred,’ and I say to her, ‘They are not a hundred.’

I show her several flights of steps: one flight has twenty-three; one flight, eighteen; another flight, sixty-nine; another flight, too long for her to see, too high, this flight has two thousand steps. She says: ‘That would be impossible to climb; that would be too impossible to walk down. It would take a long time.’

I, Saint Teresa of Avila say, ‘Yes, but each step is an important step, and with each step there is accomplishment, there is effort, there is a willingness to comply, there is intention, there is direction, there is hope, there is reason, and yes, there is a goal.’

So as all these steps face this child, this woman in the world through whom I speak, she understands one thing: Nothing is impossible when it is done for the Will of God, but all things are impossible if done for the wrong reason.

There is great hope in a flight of steps. They lead somewhere, they lead to many things. They lead to surprise, sometimes. They lead to action, they lead to beauty, they can lead to happiness, if these steps are approached and climbed in the right manner, for the right reason. Do not worry about the time it takes, just worry about each step, the safety of each step, the purpose of each step, the reason that you make the step, and of course, the goal for which that step was intended.

I bless all of you and I bless those who believe in what is right. I bless those who desire to do the Will of The Father. I bless those who try, beyond all odds, to accomplish that beautiful Goal of Sainthood. All are not present in this room tonight, but then I want you to know, the room could not hold all the children in the world who in their heart want to become a Saint Here in the Heavens.

Be cautious in all things that will determine what condition it will cause your Soul to be in. Remember, as you were taught before, you were taught tonight: ‘Your will is your line of decision.’ So be it.”