Saint Joan of Arc

c. 1412 - 1431

Saint Joan of Arc

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 7, 1991


“I promised today I would not hold this child for any length of time, because of the effects of so many deep ecstasies in the last months that have taken a great toll on her physical. I am Saint Joan.

When men wrote of my experiences with The Divine, they used the word ‘Voices’; my Voices are telling me this, my Voices are directing me in this way.

I was very young, and as I speak through this child, this woman upon the earth on this night, I speak in a form of translation for you to understand, that as a young girl being held in ecstasy to better understand The Father’s Will, it was difficult for others around me to understand my Words, because so many of Them were in the form of a command. But the time came and the men with whom I stood began to understand that What I was speaking had Great Merit, Great Truths, Firm Direction, and was for all good.

I come in your time, in your place, through one who walks the earth much as I did, in a leadership way and in a speaking way, for the Souls of all men. There has been so much taught by so Many from Where I am. There has been so much spoken in clarifying What The Supernatural is all about.

I say to you on this night in your time: ‘Where I am there is no time set. Time runs together, for time is limitless in its way, and you must remember this, What I have just said to you today.’

You begin a day and you perform in that day, mentally, physically, spiritually, morally, and then you close your eyes and say, ‘The day is ended; I have another one coming in a short time, and possibly in the same way.’

Where I am there is no time change. We work solely on trying to help children who are still upon the earth, to understand that That Portion of themselves is Special from The Father. It is a Portion of Him, Who must walk Here in Our midst, at the Sign of His Hand. His Hand is not a hand as you know a hand to be. His Hand is the Power of Divine Love that draws you forth, to give you the strength to come Here.

You are Blessed in so many ways, and you must understand that as you walk in the world as man you have many responsibilities, and many of these you are aware of, many of these you have cast aside, but I come on this night to remind you, you must remember the Soul, and remember that this Soul must return to The Father in a Pure State of Being. You owe it to God, you owe it to your Soul, you owe it to other men. So be it.”