Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 20, 1992


“I come to speak to you tonight. I am your Heavenly Mother. It is true I come most times when the physical body is close to collapse.

Ask yourself how long you could fight a riptide in the ocean, an undertow, a hurricane, a tornado. Ask yourself, if your life depended upon it, how long you could keep afloat under these circumstances. The power of all these things would soon wear you out, wear you down, and the body would succumb because of the strength it would take to just try to exist under normal circumstances.

We use a physical body, as you know one to be. We use the intellect, as you know the intellect to be. The will is used because it is through the will that the decision is made to do What The Father Wills, against all odds; so consequently, a body and a mind used in this manner so continuously, finds it difficult to stand under the pressure, the exhaustion, and the tremendous fight for all mankind to find purity.

As I stand in the Heavens, I reach you and I say, ‘A pure mind, a pure love, pure decisions, always remembering that you have a Portion of The Father within you, will one day allow you to be Here Where We are, for All Eternity.’ Do not deny yourself this Precious Reward. If you find that a slight impurity is possible, remember, you have the strength to overcome it and to decide against it, because of the Soul that is within you.

I do not speak in as many places throughout the world as men try to say I do, but I am present throughout the world, constantly watching over every child of every age, for My Motherly Love cannot be less than What I Am All About.

There are so many Souls at this time, on the verge of becoming lost to the Kingdom of The Father. Some people say, ‘Then why does not The Father send great signs to alert all children of the tragedy that can take place?’

Even in areas where there is great human power, men, women and children know that they have two decisions to make, the right one or the wrong one. When they make the wrong one, it is because they have decided that would be more suitable at that moment, more pleasurable, or the one that would be more satisfying under specific conditions that they feel warrants that decision at that time. It’s illogical to justify a decision in this way, especially knowing that The Father’s Will is for the purity of your Soul.

I cannot hold this child in this depth much longer for the physical is about to collapse, but My sons, My Love, The Father’s Love you must be aware of, and you must understand, everything you do, everything you say, reflects within That Portion of you, you know as ‘the Soul’. If you keep that in mind as a guideline for all you do, all you take part in, you will become a success far greater than any success the world can give you.

I release her slowly, but it is true, she is never released fully from The Father’s Will. So be it.”