Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 13, 1992 at 4:04 pm


“This Miracle that bears My Name, and delivers the Message regarding My Place in The Holy Trinity, is of Great Importance for the whole world to know and to understand.

The manner in which I walked the earth was special, for it was to leave for all time the Example of this place, for mankind to understand the responsibilities in this position of life, in life, as man.

As I stood by many times in silence, watching Mary, as they knew Her to be, and Jesus, as He was known then, I would constantly look for the protection that was needed. It is said by man I labored in a form in the workplace, as a carpenter. I did, for this was a major part of the Example that I was to leave upon the earth for men to see, for men to imitate, and for men to understand the responsibility that is also part of their life as a human being.

As I watched The Son walk in the midst of elders, much older in age than He, I looked on and I would inwardly see that All that was passed on to others by Him, was termed ‘Enlightenment’, for many times as He spoke, He would smile at Me, because We were totally aware inwardly of how Each of Us Really Stood, Where The Father Was, and Our Tasks were to be Example physically, for men to imitate, for men to learn, and for men to hold in dignity, the family structure, picture, way, and means.

It will be difficult for many men who have studied high degrees of theology to accept What I have spoken, but if they will but look within the logic of the setting, the picture, the reasoning and the results, they will finally understand What has been spoken.

Such a Message that bears such a Magnitude of Revealing had to be passed on to the world through innocence, because if innocence was absent, there would be great confusion caused by the predeterminations gathered from theology. Innocence has been the key that opens the door to many Great Revealings, because there is no clutter of personal interpretation, personal ideas, personal considerations and causes, only innocent obedience of The Father’s Will, always being said without anyone hearing: ‘If it is Your Will, God, I accept the responsibility, but please be sure it is Your Will, for it is my love for You that pours forth from me.’

Some men will say, ‘Why did it take so long for such a Revelation of this Magnitude to be passed on to mankind?’ Men much more intelligent than she, they will claim innocence, they will claim piety, they will claim obedience, and many other things. Some will be adamant, violent, angry, disturbed, and there will even be some jealousy.

This woman I speak through does not have to consider what others would have to consider, because she is not educated in theology. The Responsibility that has been placed on her small shoulders, in her innocence, is One in which many men will envy. She is to be protected physically by men, because some men will not be able to handle the fact that one such as she would be chosen over them.

She has been held in deep ecstasy since the day before this, so such a Revelation as This could pass through her without any interruption, without any fear of the Magnitude in It.

One day, one of the first Visions that she was given was of a scroll in the sky, permitting diamond-like lights to show through the sheer scroll, and brightening when the scroll was rolled back. Her innocence at that time, We All watched, for she was given the security of mind that What she saw was not imagination but real, and had Purpose in It, had Reason for It, and It would be described in Its fullest at a later time.

Man has not designed This Miracle. The Father has designed It for the benefit of mankind. Things are being taught through This Miracle that were taught in a different form in the time in which We lived as a Family.

I bless you for your Faith, I bless her innocence, and oftentimes The Father blesses those who, in many ways, because of This Great Miracle of Light, of Hope, of Instruction, of Direction, want to please Him more, want to understand more about the Spiritual Life and Light. So be it.”