Saint Padre Pio

1887 - 1968

Saint Padre Pio

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 10, 1992 at 4:40 pm


“I am Padre Pio. I have spoken at another time through this instrument of The Father. The time in which I spoke, she requested I speak in a softer voice. We All smiled at this for it is true, the delicate mechanism that is used to pass to the world, the whole world, the Beauty, the Purpose and the Goal of Life is, to many men, the wrong one to be chosen because of the smallness, yes, and the gentleness.

I come on this day with a Deep Love for her and for you. I walked a particular path. Many men argued over My way. I was strong. She is strong in her will, and this is the part of her being that endures the strenuous actions, acts, that take place within her being. My voice thrusts through her, and though I have toned it down, it is My way to express openly Important issues, Important matters.

The Most Important thing, item, Goal for mankind, is to protect his or her Soul. I know you have heard it often, but I, Padre Pio, come today to say it in My way: ‘Do not jeopardize in the smallest measure, the perfection necessary for your Soul to reach a Place closest to The Father’s Way, that waits for your Soul to be There, close to Him one day.’

Though My voice sounds harsh, I do not feel harsh, for I truly know how difficult it is to live in the world of man, with so many things to divert the mental, the physical and Spiritual from a pure path.

Be blessed for your Faith and know that as I have blessed thousands and thousands of children in the world, I bless you with the Words you know: In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”