Saint Agnes

c. 291 - c. 304

Saint Agnes

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 24, 1995 at 12:17 pm


“I have spoken many times in general conversation to those present where this little one is.

The world in which you live is in great moral turmoil. Men, women and children are forgetting the importance of God’s Commandments, and many who know the Words of The Commandments never think of the full meaning in each of These Commandments.

We watch mankind in all areas of life, some in high places of authority, wherein and whereby they have the obligation, opportunity and responsibility to lay down orders that must be followed, so that the department, the organization, or the company will be run according to the rules prescribed for particular areas, not just to satisfy those in charge, but because orderly rulings are beneficial to all areas of particular places.

I ask you now, ‘Why are not God’s Commandments openly spoken about, openly shown in print, openly discussed in all age brackets, in all religious circles, communities, churches, places of prayer?’ One would think God’s Commandments are obsolete. As long as one human life is in existence, God’s Commandments are the Rules that must be obeyed.

Many of Us Here have delivered much through this small instrument regarding the Importance of God’s Commandments. Mankind has forgotten that before Christianity, The Father sent His Commandments as the Foundation, as the Basis, as the Rules that Christianity would be responsible for, to, in, and with. How many times do you, in your daily life, think of all your responsibilities, and connect them to one or more of God’s Commandments?

We hear all ages make quick remarks, such as, ‘I go to Church,’ ‘I believe in God,’ but I ask you: ‘How many people daily, before they lay their head at night, examine their conscience, their way of life, their habits, their manner of doing things, their association with loved ones and others, according to God’s Commandments?’

Mankind talks about habits, good habits, bad habits. The most important habit is omitted, eliminated, and that is the habit of using God’s Commandments as the Guidelines of everyday living. Some, in reading This will say, ‘God didn’t mean These Commandments to be thought of in such an orderly, constant way.’ Man’s thinking is lazy, full of indifference, and can easily ignore a Valuable Gift of Divine Love.

Also, how many men, women and children who say they believe in God, can ignore the Greatest Gift He gave as the Foundation for Christianity? His Commandments must be a daily practice for all races, all colors, all creeds, because in each Commandment there is not just a Lesson, but a Direction for mankind to value, and to perceive as a Great Light, drawing attention to the Goal of Sainthood.

I speak many times, not always in this in-depth manner, but today The Father requested that These Words were to be spoken, so that millions of others can better understand The Basic Rules He laid down for Christianity. So be it.”