Saint Cyprian

c. 200 - 258

Saint Cyprian

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 17, 1995 at 2:08 pm


“An alarm is ringing. In reality, you do not hear it, but you are fully aware of it. All of Heaven is ringing the alarm, and in every way the enemy of God and man is doing everything to dismantle it.

Very often when mankind is alerted to Truth, a great battle takes place because of the pull, the draw to humanistic values, feelings and senses, but mankind must remember the Soul is more Powerful, and the Soul must be thought of when temptation of any impurity shows in any form, in any manner, from any human being, whether this individual is closely associated or just a passer-by.

Man puts much emphasis on the importance of an alarm because of its intention. It shouts ‘Alert,’ it shouts ‘Danger,’ it shouts ‘Protect yourself.’

I am Saint Cyprian. I do not openly speak often, but today I have the privilege of alerting you to an alarm. So be it.”