Saint John Vianney

1786 - 1859

Saint John Vianney

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 29, 1995 at 1:40 pm


“Mankind has no concept of Our Constant Presence wherever man is. Most times man thinks We are in the churches, waiting to hear from them. This is not so. We are in every place where man is. The Father uses Us in many ways. Sainthood is a privilege in many ways. There is always a Presence of a Saint in every place in the world, Many of Us sometimes at one time.

It is sad to hear mankind read about the Goal of Sainthood and not realize that it is not just the Title that represents Us, or that We represent, but that We work constantly according to The Father’s Will. This Miracle should prove this because of so many Revelations that bear Our Names. Granted, this Particular Manner of reaching mankind is not the same way throughout the world. Our Presence is silent, but We are aware of all that is going on, and I promise you, We hear all prayers.

It is sad to say what I am going to say, but mankind does not pray enough. Mankind does not fully understand that there is always the Presence of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, and without question, Our Heavenly Mother, but Our Presence is in many places that man would not suspect Us to be. This Miracle is a Gift to the world, because through It The Father has allowed so much to be explained, so much Instruction to be given, so much to be taught for all ages to understand. As you are aware of each other, Our Presence in the world is like this. We are many places, but man cannot see Us.

This Gift of The Father’s, This Miracle of Divine Love is beyond man’s comprehension. The Instruction that has been given so openly, so lovingly, regarding the Importance of the Soul of every living human being, cannot be questioned, for as you are a living human being, your awareness of all that is occurring where you are, and other places, should prove to you the magnitude of human life, and never question it is Special to The Father.

An animal cannot write, a flower cannot write, a hill cannot write, water cannot write. You have a mentality that is constantly working within you, alert to safety, alert to danger, alert to changes, alert to needs, alert to sorrows. This makes mankind special in many ways, so why would mankind not see the rationale that mankind has a Soul, and that this Soul is beyond any other human ability, belonging? It is logical to understand that this Soul has to be a Portion of The Father in man, because mankind knows right from wrong, good from evil.

The Father’s Love for mankind is beyond any human conception of love, full understanding of love, ability to love. This Miracle was designed to instruct mankind on what a great privilege human life is, and the importance of each living day, how it should be treated, how it should be lived.

I raise My hand in a Blessing and I say, ‘As you greet each day, never forget to cross yourself and say the words openly:

In The Name of The Father Who Created me,

In The Name of my Heavenly Mother Who always watches over me,

In The Name of The Son Who was Sacrificed for me, and Who Sacrificed much so I would live with God for All Eternity, and

In The Name of The Holy Spirit of God, thank You for giving me the Enlightenment through This Miracle that bears Your Name, for since I have learned so much, I promise I will do all I can to lead and live a life of purity.’

So be it.”