Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 20, 1995 at 4:18 pm


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. So little attention, direction, emphasis, and prayers are dedicated to The Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is sad that so many see in This Heart of His, just a heart, for if truth is acknowledged, a heart in dedication automatically says: ‘I love you, I care; know this.’

When Our Lord hung upon the Cross, He Suffered in extreme pain. Those standing by stood in fear, and many stood in concern, hoping and saying prayers that He would die, because then the pain would stop, it would be over.

Mankind forgets that in the love that the heart is connected to, is an obvious form of love, because an individual might say to another, ‘I love you with all my heart,’ or, ‘My love comes from my heart.’ Mankind should never forget The Sacred Heart of Jesus, for as He walked in the world as man, instructing many at a very early age, regarding The Father’s Love for mankind, the Beauty of the Love, and that mankind should realize that the beat of the heart is a lifeline of hope, of sharing, of movement, that gives life to all that occurs between two people, or more than two people.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus should be remembered many times, because It reminds an individual of the constant Love that is available, the constant Availability to answers for prayers when The Heart is spoken to. The reason I say These Things is that mankind looks at a picture, and the picture has a title, ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus’, but what an individual does not understand or feel, is that within That Heart there is understanding of all pain, all sorrow, all needs, and also the ability to extend Hope where it is needed.

This open Sign of Love, of pictures of The Sacred Heart, are almost considered obsolete, because mankind has become so indifferent to the union man has with The Sacred Heart, because as the heart beats in life, The Sacred Heart Beats in Union with it.

A prayer to The Sacred Heart is easy to say:

‘Heavenly Father, I love You, and in this love for You, please return Your Love to me through The Heart that I know is Sacred. Please do not forget me.’

A short prayer, but there are many versions of it that an individual can make up in a personal way, extending their own feelings, own words, remembering that the heart is a show of love, a show of union in thinking. So be it.”