Saint Robert Bellarmine

1542 - 1621

Saint Robert Bellarmine

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 9, 1996 at 1:23 pm


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.

It is important for mankind throughout the world to get acquainted with All The Saints Here in Heaven. It is amazing that many men, women and children are only familiar with the Names of a Few of Us. Everyone should be told they have a wide range of Saints to pray to, to intercept for them in a time of need, in a time of hope, in a time when despair is emptying their lives of energy, understanding, and belief in the Power of God.

Children are being neglected even though they are being given all updated human technology. Children are not being instructed properly on morality, and what the Goal of life is truly all about, and that when the human life ends, there is a Life to look forward to: All of The Saints, and of course, to be with God Forever.

Mankind puts much emphasis on friendship, human association, and dependence upon another’s opinion regarding a decision that could be minor or important. Ask yourself: How many people do you know, that when they feel you are in a quandary about something, say to you: ‘Have you prayed about this? Have you asked God’s Help in solving this?’ You might be surprised to hear how few ever relate to this communication, ever feel that there’s a possibility they will be heard.

You live in a materialistic environment that is oftentimes revealed in such technical terms, showing that an individual or individuals had the ability to invent something that would make life more interesting. The importance of inventions has benefits in many areas of life, but the importance of communication with The Father in many ways is more advantageous, because this communication is backed by The Creator of All Things, not just an avenue that covers a particular advantage physically, or for personal achievement.

The world is a Gift of Divine Love, human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and each of these things are the foundations for the Life to come, the Promise of a Life Forever, beyond the realm of what human beings can relate to, can depend upon. It is important for mankind to not become so ethereal that the realism of life is passed by, passed over, but that it is connected to ‘a Supreme Power’ beyond any power that mankind can relate to in a human mind.

Faith is a Gift of Divine Love, Faith that human life was designed by a Higher Power, and that human life had and has an Ultimate Purpose. Why else would it have been created?

Mankind talks about goals, personal, financial, but logic should tell mankind that there is a Higher Goal than what mankind can visually see or feel. This Goal can be nurtured and developed to a higher plane of thinking by the very understanding that God truly Exists, else where would everything have come from: the Miracle of life, the Miracle of understanding so much, in so many areas; the Miracle of inventions to give mankind’s mind, goals?

The mind of human life is a treasure unto itself, and it should be used to develop a greater understanding of why life was created, because then rational thinking would say: ‘There is more to human life. I must pray to understand it and reach for the Goal.’ So be it.”