Saint Bonaventure

1221 - 1274

Saint Bonaventure

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 20, 1996 at 12:55 pm


“I am Saint Bonaventure. When The Father hands to the world a Gift of the Magnitude of The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, there is Great Purpose for It, in It, and mankind must understand that a Miracle of This Magnitude, delivering so many important subjects, issues, conditions, must never be cast aside or diminished by anyone.

As each day begins for every living human being, it is logical to say that there will be activities, responsibilities, occurrences, and communications that will involve the mental, many times the moral, the personal, and yes, even the Spiritual. Mankind has put all things in a modernistic evaluation, thus feeling allowed to ignore the practical side of morality in all areas of daily living.

As I have just spoken about the day in the life of man, the hours when darkness is evident encourages many to see this time as a time wherein their actions, activities, responsibilities, take on a different aspect of values, standards. Morality is not spoken about like it should be, because mankind has a tendency to face each day, each night, according to the habits they have chosen to follow, and it is difficult for some to place an important factor in everything they do, called ‘morality’.

Throughout the world there are cultures, and mankind, through the culture of his or her way of life, has no difficulty in blaming the culture for their improprieties. It is important that morality be seen in every hour of daily living, and morality be based on God’s Commandments. We hear so many weak excuses, blaming age, workplaces, family conditions, and social companions, for encouraging weaknesses, dependencies, always using excuses for one’s behavior, one’s problems, one’s indiscretions, one’s choices in values, physical, mental, Spiritual, moral.

What I have just delivered is important for mankind to read, and to apply Portions of This to themselves, to their way of life, how they think, what they practice, and also to what degree they would grade themselves in their moral values, moral standards, their associations with family, acquaintances, friends, people they work with, people they are responsible for, and/or responsible to. Also, everyone should ask themselves a personal question, ‘Do I think for myself, or do I imitate others, or do I allow others to influence me on how I think, how I dress, how I associate with others?’

The world has been given a Great Miracle and when We watch some who read What has been delivered, We many times see gratitude, interest. Sometimes We see uncertainties, and also misinterpretation because of the personality of the individual, or the habits, or the lack of Spiritual responsibility.

As I leave, I want My last Words to be Words that many will remember: Never forget to open your day with a prayer to The Father to guide you, to strengthen you morally, physically, spiritually. By doing this, it will automatically make you aware that His Presence will be Evident in times of decisions, choice.

It is important to remember What I have just said, because in making this a habit, you will find each day stronger in many ways, hope, giving you strength that nothing else can give, because in this close association, your inner love will grow to a dependence, based on your closeness with The One to Whom you greet each day, The Father Who created you.”