Saint Bernard

c. 1090 - 1153

Saint Bernard

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 17, 1996 at 12:45 pm


“I am Saint Bernard. What mankind does not understand is that We are as close to them as their hands. It is sad to hear some say: ‘I do not believe in The Saints. I pray my way.’ Children should be taught that We are constantly present, close to their Soul in every way.

Mankind does not understand the full impact of what prayer should mean to man. It is communication to an Entity beyond what mankind can see or fully understand, but prayer is the closeness that mankind should rely upon and be totally aware, because within each life there is a Portion of God called ‘the Soul’, and We are ever in contact with man through his Soul.

We hear so many in your day shouting advice to others, relying on what they feel comes from the Bible, and they feel that they are truly experts on these words, and can guide others to live according to their strength in these words, their vocal power in these words, their determinations on what these words mean. In some cases this is not totally wrong, but in many cases it leaves a certain amount of misinterpretation.

The world is in a chaos because of so much manipulation of powers between men throughout the world. There is not enough accent on the value of an individual’s love for God, and of course, communication with God in a personal form, manner, and way of thinking. The zeal that so many have in their voice, attitude and structure of wording, to instill in others their enthusiasm regarding how they feel about the written word in the Bible, interpretation is not always correct. It is many times interpreted according to the degree of knowledge that the individual feels he or she has, plus many times emotionalism drives others on to feel the impact of the one who is speaking, more than the individual feeling that God’s Existence, Understanding and Presence is above and beyond the individual who is speaking.

So much can be taught to mankind in a simple way, in a quiet way, understandable. The Father has given to mankind a Miracle of His Love. We hear doubts, We hear questions, We hear disagreements, but We also see many who say: ‘God, let This be true. It is so logical.’

I could talk a long time on the Importance of human life and the Goal for which it was created, but better I hand you a Blessing that hopefully you will remember.

As I touch your forehead with My hand, My prayer is that you will think more indepthly about what you were created for, and what a Generous Gift human life is, because within each human life there is a Portion of The Father.

Now as I lower My hand to your chest, I ask The Father to give you the strength to endure all obstacles, and to help you remember that as your heart beats, The Father’s Love beats with you every moment of every day. It is a Union of Love that is beyond any human love mankind can feel, hear about, or say.

As I cross your shoulders, I smile at each of you, because I draw together your whole being in union with The Holy Trinity. There is no greater union on earth than for mankind to understand that every breath man takes unites man with the Beat of God’s Love, God’s Heart, God’s Mind, God’s Intellect, God’s Greatness, because of the Portion of Him that is within each human being. So be it.”