Saint Bonaventure

1221 - 1274

Saint Bonaventure

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 28, 1997 at 12:37 pm


“I am Saint Bonaventure. I hear so many men, women, and even children discussing the problems they are enduring, because of the laxness in sound Spiritual authority.

We have heard one child speak out loudly and say: ‘God, help me to love You without having to love others first, because I do not know what I am being told to do is right, is wrong, is true, or not true. My parents tell me that I must love You, God. I know I do, but what about those who walk for You in Your Name?’

All The Saints Here in Heaven have given so much Love to millions of people throughout the world, and when We hear cries for help, it is basically the Soul encouraging the individual to speak out loud, say what they feel, because of the need for Direction, Substance, to what they feel is necessary spiritually. We hear so many learned people of all nationalities differ on what is right, what is sound regarding prayer, and honoring The Father openly.

You live in a time of much confusion, based on satan’s interference in so many areas of Christianity. This interference is ignored by many because they feel helpless under the stress, so they ignore what is best for them, and that is to use private prayer more frequently. There is strength in private prayer, because the individual has a personal closeness to the One to Whom they are praying, because of the Soul that intercedes in more ways than human beings understand.

The Soul is not a dormant Part of human life. The Soul is an Active Portion of human life, and in most instances is the most ignored Portion of human life. That is why it is important that all races of mankind, all Faiths that mankind believes in that is religious in structure, order, must understand that the Soul is the Connecting Link between God and man.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph has instructed mankind of all ages on so many areas of human life, and the Beauty of the relationship man has with God. It is a closeness beyond human understanding, and yet it is felt in a way difficult for man to speak about.

Logic should tell the whole world of mankind that God Exists, and it is He Who Controls all things, Holds all things in place, and it is He Who mankind is responsible to for all he or she practices, does, is involved in, believes in, because the Goal for human life is Higher than any goal mankind can reach for, and the Soul, This Portion of The Father, is That Important Link that man has to one day be ‘a Saint’. So be it.”