Saint Stanislaus

1030 - 1079

Saint Stanislaus

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 16, 1997 at 1:50 pm


“I am Saint Stanislaus. Many times We speak and do not announce Our Names. The conversation reflects Something more than an ordinary conversation, and those close to this little one many times pick up Our Presence.

The Father has a great sadness when so many men, women and children ignore what a Beautiful Gift human life is, and they practice many things that appease and please only the enemy of The Father and of man. It is sad when We hear men, women and children doubt there is an evil influence, because they cannot fathom an angel becoming so jealous when the angel had everything that was beautiful, and could be in the Presence of The Father at all times.

There is much evil throughout the world, and the evil comes from within the individuals practicing it. Mankind is given a ‘will’ at the moment of conception, and this ‘will’ enables the body to be born. The will is an instrument of strength, hope, purpose, fact. The will of every individual human being has the right to commit to what is right, or deny what is right.

The free will of mankind is a Gift of Divine Love, allowing no human being to not have the freedom to choose, to act, to project decisions of the mind of the individual. This Gift of The Father’s is special to mankind, because human life was designed, created with intellect, and the ability to choose, make decisions; also, the ability to see right over wrong, purity over impurity, good over evil.

When a human being gives another a gift, the giver is no longer the controller of the gift. The one who receives the gift has choice to do with the gift what he or she wills. Many times the giver of the gift becomes saddened, because there is no care given to the gift. This, of course, is minute to what The Father feels when an individual man, woman or child abuses the Soul that is a Portion of The Father, by impure thoughts, words, actions, deeds, emotions.

If mankind could but see that the Soul is the Greatest Gift every human being could be the custodian of, and that this Soul is a Portion of The Father to be returned to Him for All Eternity, logic would tell individuals to protect this Soul with purity, and be ever conscious of the Importance of It, the Value of It.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love has been given to the world, allowing so Many Saints to speak, to instruct, to deliberately instill important ideas, ideals, regarding what a Treasured Gift man holds within his or her being.

Not thousands of Words, but millions of Words have been written and spoken through This Miracle, over a short period of time according to man’s years. When We hear doubt, it saddens Us, because doubt delays or even eliminates important issues, facts, practices, goals.

Many Blessings, physically, mentally, spiritually, pass through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph daily. It is a Miracle of Strength, Hope, Purpose, beyond what human beings could possibly have through their own imagination, intellect, or Spiritual understanding.

This Gift of The Father’s Love has in many ways instructed all ages on the Importance of human life, and the necessity to protect one’s Soul through one’s speech, actions, interpretations of what is given, and the example that an individual reflects to everyone they meet, everyone that sees them, whether they are silent or in action. So be it.”