Saint Padre Pio

1887 - 1968

Saint Padre Pio

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 8, 1997 at 2:32 pm


“I am Padre Pio. There is a great sadness in Many of Us Who understand how it is to walk differently than others in the world.

Today you live in a time of great confusion, and this confused state is based on differences in opinions regarding Spiritual values, necessities and purpose. Many who feel they have religious beliefs that are directed to what is correct, what is truth, what is proper, what is extraordinary, yet these very same individuals base their beliefs on what they learn from those who could be termed ‘self-made extraordinaire’ on Spiritual values.

The world is in a turmoil and this is, in many ways, centered around the enemy of God and man. He has integrated into all facets of human life, determined to cause confusion, unrest, disagreement, and destroy what could be termed ‘sound Spiritual values, sound Spiritual Truths, and sound Spiritual behavior’.

I want you to picture a big caldron, and in this caldron all degrees of understanding, beliefs in a Creator of Divine Origin, Divine Means, is holding a Hand of Divine Love over the caldron. For some it would be impossible to see a picture of this dimension, but at the time I walked amidst mankind, I was fully aware of a sight of this kind, that in many ways was evidence of sound spirituality, and on the other hand the constant interference of the enemy of God and man.

As I walked upon the earth, I oftentimes spoke strongly, harshly, and those I was surrounded by oftentimes disagreed with my statements, my furor regarding the diabolical interferences that were allowed to occur. I know I speak harshly and in a different manner than Those Others Who speak through This Miracle, but The Father has allowed My nature, My personality to remain to a degree, so that when I do speak, My manner of doing things expresses more clearly how I was when I was upon the earth.

Mankind talks about love. There is No Greater Love, No Love More Pure than the Love The Father has for human life, because of the Soul that is a Portion of Him within each life.

As mankind sees different natures in individuals, different personalities, different degrees of intellect, different degrees of Spiritual practices, it is important for mankind to not compare himself or herself with others, but to stand strong with one’s sight on becoming ‘a Saint’ for what an individual feels, knows, practices, and strives to reach the Goal for which human life was created, to return to God, a Saint. So be it.”