Saint Bonaventure

1221 - 1274

Saint Bonaventure

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 11, 1997 at 1:32 pm


“I am Saint Bonaventure. I do not always announce My Name when I use this small voice to speak Words of Concern, of Direction.

It is sad to hear so many hundreds, even thousands of people rejecting the awareness of This Gift of The Father’s Love. The rejection is in many ways, not of What is spoken, but the responsibility to What is spoken.

It has been said many times, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ We see These Words passed over quickly, and without understanding the full Content of Them, the Meaning that They express openly, unquestionably.

Mankind says: ‘I live in a modern world. I am happy I did not live at other times.’ This statement varies in many ways, because some feel it is a time of freedom to think, act, make decisions comfortable to their way of life, to their degree of understanding. There are so many opinions about what time is important to live.

Mankind must understand the time is not always to blame for one’s unhealthy attitude morally, physically, spiritually, because do not forget mankind has a free will. We hear some say, ‘That’s not true for everyone, because some people live under conditions that are controlled, such as prison life, and in countries where there is little left to the free will of an individual.’ Also, We hear some say, ‘What about some so-called “Christian organizations” that bind the individuals to a set of rules applicable to a particular way of life?’

If all the excuses mankind has were put into one paper bag, there would always be room for more, because mankind uses excuses to eradicate logic, values, truths, and many actions that are vile, contemptible, in regard to The Father’s Commandments.

Every man, woman and child should ask themselves: ‘Do I obey what God has given me to understand as His Rules for me to live by? Do I understand that human life has a Purpose higher than any other living thing; first of all, the ability to think freely and to act freely, to learn to great lengths subject matter that is many times the means to seeing the Magnitude of human life, and the ability to use the mentality?’

So much has alerted mankind through This Miracle of The Father’s Love. Everything has been presented in a format easy for all degrees of mentalities to understand, and to see as beneficial to daily living; plus, mankind has learned about that closeness to God that only human life was given, because human life has a Goal that nothing else has.

We hear all ages desiring, wishing, pleading to be successful, to be important, to be outstanding, to be creative, so that others will recognize them having an unusual talent, ability.

I ask you, ‘How many men, women and children, at this moment, are thinking about that time of accounting to God on the subject of the Soul being Judged for all that the individual acted in, and used?’ Every day, every human being, no matter what Faith in God they follow, no matter what country they are a resident of, should ask himself or herself, ‘If I were to be Judged at this moment by God, what would my Judgment be: Heaven, or Purgatory where reparation would be, or Hell for all eternity?’ So be it.”