Saint Francis
of Assisi

1181 - 1226

Saint Francis of Assisi

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 20, 1997 at 1:33 pm


“I am Saint Francis of Assisi. My Words today are to alert mankind to the fact that All that passes through this little one through whom We All speak, is oftentimes not recorded. To have Everything recorded would be a task beyond human ability, because to repeat All We say, All Our Directions, would be physically beyond any human strength.

The world is saturated with what mankind calls ‘progress’, progress in inventions that in some ways are entertaining, and others are death- threatening. Mankind chooses to ponder over inventions, and also to feel the greatness of human abilities, many times forgetting that the Greatest Gift each human being has is a Gift of Divine Love, instilled at the moment of conception, called ‘the Soul’.

As mankind has a memory, a mind, the Soul in each human life is That Portion of each life that is indelibly instilled with everything a human being partakes in, indulges in, becomes a part of, represents, and uses through daily practices. These things are registered in the Soul, and that is why the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is That Part of each human life that will remain, representing the individual life at the moment of Judgment.

The Soul consists of many things. The Soul, as a Portion of The Father, records all that an individual says, does, uses, is example of, and how this individual practices a sensitivity to the Existence of God, using moral values, moral standards to please The Creator, because each human being, whether they admit it or not, instinctively knows that there is a Life Hereafter.

The Soul, as such a Close Entity of Power, is constantly the reminder to each mentality that everything an individual does, is seen, heard, by an unseen Factor. Even a child, a baby who is learning to talk, learning to walk, sees automatically a pleasure in the eyes of those close when they are doing something that pleases; also, something that is not pleasing.

This can be the closest thing that We can say to mankind to help mankind know that every act, every word, registers within the human being, and it is the Soul that is the recipient. To compare a child with this may seem difficult for some to understand, but the child who cannot speak, cannot read, senses what the feelings are, the reactions are, the love is.

Mankind must understand that The Father has designed This Gift of Love, This Miracle of Divine Instruction, to teach all ages, all mentalities, all of mankind, that the Closeness man has to God is the Soul that is a Portion of God, and no human being can hide any wrongs from this Gift, that will one day stand before The Father in Judgment of the individual in whom It was placed at the moment of conception. So be it.”