Saint Francis Xavier

1506 - 1552

Saint Francis Xavier

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 14, 1998 at 1:40 pm


“I am Saint Francis Xavier. Many of Us oftentimes speak in a conversational manner through This Gift of The Father’s Love, not announcing Our Presence or Who We are.

This Fact may be difficult for many to understand, but it is logical if mankind will but see the importance of just hearing a subject that bears in it much detail, much Spiritual Direction, much concern on moral values, physical conditions, and the importance of how every type of personality, nature, character, can become closer to The Creator mentally, physically, morally, spiritually.

Very often Our Names are not mentioned, because it oftentimes causes others to suspect that What is being spoken could be imagination on the part of the one speaking. This Gift that has so generously been given, instructing continuously on the Importance of What mankind is the custodian of, mankind must remember that the Most Important Portion of human life is its Connection to The Creator of All Things, the Soul.

Many learned men and women find this difficult to believe, yet many of them will believe topics of conversation that are useless to them mentally, morally, physically.

Today as I speak, I speak in a manner that there can be no doubt that what is being spoken has Fact in It, Logic in It. The Father has given to mankind a Communication that is Personal, and yet meant for all of mankind to read and find the Instruction that gives Sound Reasoning to what mankind truly consists of, and the Benefits that mankind is the custodian of.

So many times, so much emphasis is placed on the talents of an individual. When these are of sound moral values, and sound moral standards, it is advantageous to the Soul, but there are times when so much energy, talent, interest, capabilities, are lost in what is impure in so many areas, pleasing only the enemy of The Creator and man.

If there was a poll taken, and every human being throughout the world had the ability to answer all the questions, it would be difficult for many to understand that the most important facts for them to understand would be on their moral values, their understanding that these are the basic fundamental requirements to reach for the Highest Goal of Sainthood possible, when the physical life no longer exists.

So much reasonable, understandable, logical subject matter has been delivered through This Gift of The Holy Spirit of The Creator of All Things, and We do not understand how there can be so much rejection of a Miracle of such voluminous Intentions, that cover every portion of what mankind is created with and for.

There is but One Creator, and just because mankind cannot see This Ultimate Force, Source, does not mean It does not exist. There are too many evidences of a Superior Being that has created so much, and there has never been a time in the History of human life that the full understanding or description of This Creator has been allowed to be revealed on man’s terms.

So much Love passes through one small voice, and is requested to be recorded so that millions of human beings can have the advantage of understanding more than the human mind is capable of conceiving on its own.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of The Father’s, and when We hear rejection of It, it is not just sadness, it can be compared to the Time The Son of The Creator walked the earth. There was much jealousy, much disbelief, and of course, along with these things, a lack of human understanding that no human being has the Power that This Supreme Source is capable of.

As I close, I say to all who will read What I have spoken: ‘A wise human being accepts what is good. A foolish human being rejects what is sound, reasonable, special, important and obvious, protective in a manner, a way, that nothing else can be.’ So be it.”