Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 24, 1998 at 1:01 pm


“I am your Heavenly Mother.

At this moment, throughout the world there are many, many, many babies being born, not all to happy homes, not all truly to be cared for by those with whom they will live.

The innocence of a child is many times ignored, and the child, as a helpless human being, is subjected to the surroundings and those who are in charge. This, needless to say, has an effect on this new baby, this new living human being that will remain with this child to a degree, for the remainder of his or her life. Throughout the world this is occurring, this lack of understanding the Importance of a human life, its needs physically, mentally, morally. Oftentimes those who are the ones involved in this life, physically, morally, ignore responsibilities that are immediate, and the child is a victim in so many ways.

The Father has given to mankind much Love through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, alerting and tutoring in a Divine Way, the Importance of all human lives and the Association human life has with The Creator, a Connecting Link unseen but obviously present. The Father has given to the world much Instruction through a multiple Number of Saints, and also has addressed an Important Subject regarding The Beloved Saint Joseph.

It is sad when We hear rejection or outright lies, concerning This Gift of Divine Love. The lies are emanating from those who do not want the responsibility to understand that the Presence of The Creator is Constant, Consistent, and Everlasting, and This Presence has handed to human life the responsibility of caring for his or her own human life, plus all those with whom they come in contact.

We hear so much dialogue, repetitious, by individuals who truly do not see the importance of instructing others on What human life is the custodian of, or what the Goal is for the Soul of each human being in their care or just in their acquaintance.

We hear children of all ages say, ‘Say a prayer.’ The one hearing this remark says, ‘Yes, I will,’ but We do not always hear that prayer, because the individual says ‘Yes’ to please the other person but ignores the responsibility, leaving it up to others to be committed to this request.

Let Us walk through the world today, Hand in hand. Let Us together go to another country. You cannot speak their language, but as I hold your hands and We listen to what the individuals are involved in, accepting, practicing, it might be shocking to Us, because there is a chance that We will be subjected to the decay of morality. How many people throughout the world, men, women and children, before committing any act that involves themselves with someone else, stop and think, ‘Is it, will it be pleasing to God, and will my Soul be pure in the manner The Father Wills It to be when I am finished here, when I have participated in physical association, moral association, with this person or several other people that might be there?’

Ask yourself: ‘How many times before a decision is made, do I consider this to be pleasing to God? Will my Soul be affected by it or will my Soul be marred by it?’ How many men, women and children ever stand to consider all these things before they make a decision to get involved, to participate in an act or a situation that is not truly clear to them in its content, or what results are intended?

The Father has given to the world a Special Gift at ‘this time’, a Gift of Instruction, encouraging all of human life to think rationally, purely, because of the Soul that they are responsible for that was placed at the moment of conception. The Soul can be the innocent victim of the personality, the nature, the habits of the one in whom It was placed. As the Soul is placed, the Soul is Innocent, It is Pure. Much depends upon the individual that is conceived and becomes knowledgeable on what is right, what is wrong, what is pure, what is impure.

A very long, long time ago when mankind was first created, the Creation was much greater than History declares it to have been, and it would be difficult for mankind to fully understand how mankind truly came about, and how many human beings were involved in the first Creation of human life.

In so many ways individuals have drawn up a schedule, a format, a means, a way, to make things sound logical. The human mind innately wants things to be placed in a logical form, for more understanding and more ability to be able to comprehend according to the human mind, the reason, the purpose, for the results to be also at the end.

Today as I speak, I speak with a Deep Love, because it is so innate in human life to want to understand the beginning of how all was created. There have been many stories down through time, in man’s terms, through experience and through each one’s ability to be able to discern why certain things had to take place for other things to happen.

Well, We have come to several thousand years later in time, and mankind is still learning about the Importance of human life, and also, some of mankind is still interpreting things in a form, formula, manner and degree conceivable to them. Some of it is good and some of it is not reasonably right, but as The Father has given to the world This Miracle about The Beloved Saint Joseph, concerning His True Position, His True Place, it is sad to see so many reject Him as The Holy Spirit of The Creator, because It has never really been discussed in this manner, way, degree, before ‘this time’. If It was, It was dismissed because it was not feasible to see It in this Form of Greatness that It is.

Needless to say, I could speak volumes at this moment, but as I leave you at this time, it is only through My Words, because I am always close to human life. But as you cherish every moment and as you live each day according to the time in which you live, and the circumstances in which you are used to according to this time, your ability to love God in a deeper mode of understanding, your ability to stand up for what you feel is important for your Soul is the Greatest Gift that mankind has, because the body, as it is created, lasts in this creation only a given time, and yet each human life remains Forever through the Soul.

As I leave you, I bless you with a Love beyond what you know love to be, and I bless you with Three Hearts, Those of The Holy Trinity. So be it.”